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3 thoughts on “My Two Cents For Darren Rowse’s Little Group Project On ProBlogger

  • ZuzannaM

    Hi, Mario!

    Your Tips are good. The traffic generates by using sites like Twitter, Friend Feed, Stumble Upon etc… Also by sharing the content of your blog with people on a site and have them share with their friends. Those are my two cents for your additional information. Thank you for sharing your points of view in the video.


    • Mario Post author

      Hi Zuzanna,

      This is a brilliant opportunity for me to thank you for all you do for me on social media sites. With your help the traffic to my blog climbed in a tremendous way.

      To give you a some relative numbers: the increase of unique visitors in January ’10 compared to December ’09 was 88%.
      Then again it increased in February with 36% compared to January.
      The top month so far was March. Compared to February the unique visitors increased with 111%.

      For a huge part it is because of you sharing my content with your friends and they are sharing it with their friends a.s.o.

      Another nice side effect is that I met very adorable people this way and we all have fun together, what is one of the most important things in life, isn’t it?

      Again, thank you very much and have a great weekend!

  • ZuzannaM

    Hi Mario!

    You are welcome ~ It is my pleasure,
    since you get to know other bloggers,
    the future would be much brighter!

    Best wishes!