Recommended By A Reader: Let’s Draw Manga – Sexy Gals 2

This is a nice one! After watching the video and reading my review on the How To Draw Manga Books in this article I got a message from Steve.

Steve told me that he shares the passion with me and many others who love to draw girls. After my review he decided to give the book on Female Characters a try. I’m very glad that Steve likes this one and I’m even more glad that I could deliver some valuable information.

While Steve was shopping around he also ordered the book Let’s Draw Manga: Sexy Gals by Heisuke Shimohara. This was finally the reason for him to contact me and recommend this book. He told me that the next time I make a video or write a review on Manga Drawing Books, I definitively have to include this one. A side note in Steve’s message was that this is not a book for kids, but he would recommend it without any problems to the adult audience/artists.

I gave the book a glance on-line and read the three reviews so far. Indeed the readers said that you could better keep this away from children. My first thought by reading this reviews was Duh, who is buying a book for his kids with the word ‘sexy’ in the title anyway?

However, I don’t think we have to wait until I’m able to hold a load of books into the camera again. I’m happy to see that readers get involved into the topics of this blog and I trust Steve’s taste for books on this subject. Though the cover looks less sexy than I’ve expected.

So I let do him the recommendation this way. Thank you very much, Steve.

There are by the way books that I rather recommend to avoid. I share this information in one of my newsletter issues.
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2 thoughts on “Recommended By A Reader: Let’s Draw Manga – Sexy Gals

  • ZuzannaM

    Awesome, Mario~

    Love the idea…Will see what you come up with this time..:))
    I too love your Manga Studio Drawings.

    My Best wishes!

    • Mario Post author

      I will post a new drawing one of these days!

      The books I advise to avoid are an item in my newsletter. The sixths issue at the time of writing this.

      Best wishes to you too,