How Newsletter Reader Miryam Solved My Problem By Running Into A Snag

I was a little confused lately. As I don’t do technical tweaks regarding my newsletter very often I discovered that I had an organizational problem.

The problem I had was how to organize the spreading of the passwords to the protected posts without taking the risk that a subscriber would miss one.

The first thing I learned when I got a message from my dear member Miryam was that I seemingly didn’t communicate what I meant in the first place. It wasn’t clear that the password for the Derren Brown Undertaker Trick I’ve send wasn’t one password for all protected posts. It wasn’t even clear if it was a different password for every subscriber.

The answer to this is: every protected post has its own password.

However, at this time I had a problem delivering the passwords due to some chaos in my brains. I’ve set up a follow-up message for every password. You see, organizing it this way wasn’t really clever at a second thought. A thought that by the way hadn’t come to my mind if Miryam hadn’t contact me.

Why was my first approach not clever? Let’s say we are a couple of years further and there are 50 protected posts (just an example). If I would then send the passwords in sequences of 4 days it would take 200(!) days a new subscriber would have to wait until she get the password for the post she is most interested in.

Not really fair, isn’t it? After such a long time she would’ve forget about this post anyway. I had to change this.

After drinking some more coffee I thought about the idea to give every protected post the same password. This would be easy to handle but also easy to misuse. Subscribing, getting the password and then unsubscribing again isn’t really the result I want to achieve. It wouldn’t be fair to the members who joined the newsletter and it wouldn’t be fair to me.

So I decided to make a list with passwords and send it to every new subscriber within a week automatically. Every new password I will then broadcast to my current subscribers and will add it to the password list for new members who join my newsletter.

It’s so easy!

Sometimes I just think much to complicated and then it’s great to have readers like Miryam around who help me taking a step back with my thinking. The reason for this post is to say:

Thank you, Miryam!

Think easy folks and have a great day.

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