How You Make Your Own Music Video – The Making Of Mad World Described 4

The chance is big that your singing is much better than mine. To give you a little creativity boost I want to briefly describe how I made this 3 minute music video.

First I have to warn you, it took quite a couple of hours to produce and it’s not likely that you are much faster than me. But OK, let’s take a look how it’s done:

The Soundtrack

  1. I searched for an instrumental version of the Gary Jules version of Mad World, found one and put it on the first track in Magix Music Maker.
  2. To make sure the lyrics are right I browsed the Internet for them and found them very quick.
  3. I placed my unprofessional computer microphone in front of me and hit the record button to record the first voice on the second track of the Music Maker project.
  4. Considering that my voice was to weak and flat, I decided to fiddle around with the effects of the software. The compressor gave my voice more volume and a little reverb is good for Lady Gaga, so it can’t be bad for me.
  5. I repeated steps 2 to 4 five times for the background vocals. I guess you didn’t think that it was that much.

The Video Recording

  1. Putting headphones on to fake a studio ambience and most of all to try to mislead you from the fact that I can’t sing.
  2. Starting the finished soundtrack I recorded.
  3. Running to my green screen.
  4. Playback to my own recording.
  5. Done!

The Video Editing

  1. Load the video I just made into Magix Video Deluxe
  2. Load the soundtrack on the next track into the program
  3. Sync both by dragging the soundtrack in the right position. This worked out well immediately and still amazes me.
  4. Selecting the video and fading the green screen away.
  5. Putting an image of the Brooklyn Bridge (I shot myself when I was in New York) in the background and put it on a track above the video. It’s like working with layers in in graphic programs but just the other way around. In this case the layers below covering the layers above.
  6. In the next track I put some photographs of me (couldn’t find another victim) to give the video that little extra, for so far you can talk about a little extra if you see me (smirk). However, I could also have used different video’s in this track(s) what would’ve made it much more professional looking. But I had none.

I hope you find this brief explanation useful and I look forward to see your results.

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4 thoughts on “How You Make Your Own Music Video – The Making Of Mad World Described

  • Ilaria

    This is the best tutorial on making a video ever!!! I loved it, I loved seeing you and I loved the whole experience.



    your New York sister!

    • Mario Post author

      Thank you very much. It was very brief as I didn’t get into details on the software I mentioned. But I think these steps can be followed with any software that is available for this purpose.

      I take a bow and promise that I don’t sing in my next video ;)


      Your little brother from abroad!