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For the first time of my on-line life I joined a live webinar. I was a couple of minutes late. This felt a little like in my old school days. The lesson had just started and I had to find a seat silently without disturbing the other attendees by stumbling over a waste bin or something like that.

My excuse for being late was that I wasn’t at my own place and had to use the computer of somebody else. Of course there was no need to tell anybody, but apologizing here makes this déjà vu a little more complete.

Dave Gibbons started from scratch how you can open a new page and/or a new story (that consists of course a couple of pages). He loaded the rough sketch of a page with 3 panels in Manga Studio. It seemed to be the scan of a sketch he made by hand for this purpose. At this time I was fighting with the sound of the computer I was using, so I can’t tell it for sure. However, I assume that I wasn’t much too late.

It was very impressive to see how a professional comic artist starts his work. While I’m usually make use of just one sketch layer, Dave had set it up different.

The first one with a blue pencil. On this layer he made a rough sketch of the image (yes, it was less rough than the first one but still rough) and then he went to a layer where he worked with a red pencil. Here he gave the drawing more details.

Dave said that it isn’t necessary to work like this and I guess that doing it this way proofed that he is an artist from the old school.

Before he went to the next level he gave a demonstration of the rulers in Manga Studio that are very helpful when it comes to  drawing perspective. That takes away the hassle some experience with vanishing points. As I’m more focused on drawing characters I did not use this feature yet but I will investigate it further for later use.

Before Dave started inking, he added a layer and renamed him to shadows. With a brush and a grey color he would then mark every part of his drawing that has to be inked black. This was a very interesting approach as well, because this way you don’t have to be afraid that you will mess something up. You have a good indication how it will look like once you do the inking part.

The most important lesson I learned was when I saw him inking. In earlier posts I already said that I have to improve my inking work. You know, in one way or the other I’m never satisfied with my inking and I just can’t explain why. Since Dave’s explanation I finally know it. He said that you don’t have to do it too neat. This could solve my problem as the inking looks much more natural if you just draw it in a relaxed way rather than evaluating every single line you draw.

I can’t wait to make my next drawing this way.

Dave Gibbons hosted this webinar with a huge amount of enthusiasm. He wanted to pack as many information in it as possible. This was the main reason that it took 90 minutes instead of the planned 60 minutes. Of course nobody complains when he or she has the chance to take a look over the shoulder of a professional a little bit longer.

Of course every live event know something that doesn’t work like it should. In this case this was the moment when Dave demonstrated how to use a 3D object. A motorbike. Another déjà vu for me (smirk). I found it very courageous to demonstrate this during a time limited live event. It’s just like trying to explain the cockpit of an airplane within a couple of minutes.

So after turning the motorbike in every possible direction without positioning it on the intended spot, our host decided to skip to the next topic.

As I mentioned in my own article and the accompanying video tutorial on this subject there are so many features and possibilities that it can be confusing and a little overwhelming in the first place. Once you relax, sit back (I recommend a big cup of coffee whilst doing so) and try every button of the 3D feature, you will see that everything comes clear.

In the end Dave showed us some artwork with the title Elephant Men that he had created beforehand. When he showed the different steps he had taken on the different layers, this was impressive as well.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s your own drawing or somebody else’s. It gives you a kick to see artwork emerging out of some simple lines.

Maybe you consider to join the next free webinar yourself. Next time I will make sure to announce it on time rather than just one day before the event.

I hope you enjoyed this little review and I did not leave too many typos in this article.

Have a nice day ahead!

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