How To Do A Cool Dance And Burn Some Belly Fat 4

Momo from the Momozone was talking in one of his recent video’s about getting rid of belly fat. Jamie Oliver, one of my favorite chefs, had a presentation at TED about the dangers of overweight. Though I’m a strong believer in Paul McKenna’s approach of losing weight, I’m sure this videos are fun and very motivational to burn down some fat a little faster.

First let’s have a look at Diversity demonstrate their dance in the street. Motivating people to move. 

Now it would be your turn, I guess. Warren, Jordan, Little Perry and Jamie teach you some dance moves in this four easy routines. Watch it, try it and if you are in for more scroll down.

After the easy part we come to the fair routines with Ian, Sam, Ack(?) and Mack. Personally I find this routines still easy. What about you?

Ash, Mitch and Toe(?) taking you a step further in this two videos with this hard routines. My guess is that this should be doable for everyone of my valued readers.


Have a great dancing day ahead! You can of course grab a cup of coffee and read some of my articles if you’re not in the right mood for dancing.

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