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Once a week I take a walk through bookstores. Especially if I have a collection of gift cards in my wallet, what is always the case after Christmas, my birthday or any other special occasion. Lately I’m looking for good books that can bring my drawing skills to a next level. Besides it’s fun to review them.

It seems getting harder to find books that cover special interest in an offline bookstore. At least where I live. Most of the books I find don’t tell something new. And if they have great drawings, the writer in one way or the other forgot to explain how he get this results done. Just presenting a grid on the left side and the finished drawing on the right isn’t really educating. Isn’t it? What you want is a step-by-step or in this case a line-by-line explanation that leads to the desired results.

My bookstore adventures end up most of the time on the internet. Is there a better place to search when it comes to digital drawing anyway?

Though I’m not really into drawing cartoons, I was pretty pleased when I laid my hands on Chad Baldwin’s course on Cartoon Painting. It reminded me on the quality video courses Lynda provides. I took a Flash-course produced by Lynda a couple of years ago and I liked the fact that I could follow every step in real time. It just felt like having my own private teacher with a pause- and rewind button.

You’ll understand that it was the digital painting part that absorbed my interest the most in Chad’s course. Even though I already have a favorite software to do my drawings and I dare say that I’m pretty experienced with it, I’m always in to learn about other possibilities. The first things that I liked about Cartoon Painting were these:

  • It’s not limited to Corel Painter (the software Chad prefers). You can use any graphic software that works with layers. Be it Photoshop, Illustrator, Manga Studio or however you name it.
  • Chad takes the time (45 minutes) to explain everything about layers you need to know to get started. Yes, this is more than the 3 minutes I had the time in my Youtube video. And of course Chad delivers it in HD, so that you can follow each step while he is explaining it.

If you don’t have any experience with digital painting you will be pleased with the introduction video (23 minutes) that explains all the different tools and brushes Corel Painter comes with. Of course this tools are available in the other programs as well. In the case that you would rather use the same software like Chad does, he has a download link for a free trial version of Corel Painter on his website. This is especially useful if you just starting out and you don’t plan to invest in a software before you took your test drive.

If you ever wanted to make digital cartoons like you see on TV or the big screen, the fun part of it all begins with advanced video (105 minutes) Chad produced. You learn how you can bring your cartoon to life and give it this incredible 3D-look.

You can bring each step he shows you into practice immediately as he provides to you the the files he uses in his videos. My recommendation here would be to make your own drawing and apply his steps. I’m sure that this makes you much more exited and confident about your own skills. And I can tell you that it is amazing to see your drawings come to live.

Thinking about the price of $ 35,- for this course is an easy math: buy a couple of books that don’t bring the desired result and/or end up unread (or should I say unused?) on your bookshelf and you easily invested twice that amount.

The easiest way to find out if this course is for you is by watching the sample videos on Chad’s website. In the end a painting says more than a thousand words.

You can also ask question to Chad that will be answered on his FAQ-page.

Have fun with your drawing experiences!

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