Lego, It Still Works On Your Imagination

Some things never seem to change. The same seems to be true for the Lego bricks.

When I was a little boy the greatest gifts I could get on my birthday or with Christmas were new boxes of Lego bricks. I remember that I had one of these bungalows with a red car on the drive way.

The last time I had to think about this is 10 years ago, when I discovered that one of our customers at work (a big concern in chemical products) was one of the main suppliers for the plastics used in Lego. I found it kind of nostalgic to hear people talk about Lego and at the same time it amazed me that there was still such a huge demand for this toys.

Since I got involved in the computer game industry in the early 90th, I really thought that it was done with this kind of stuff. At least now, another 20 years later and facing a computer game (r)evolution that is more than remarkable, I thought it would be done with every toy that makes no sound and has no visual effects.

After watching this very creative video above I had to rethink my theory and I think that there is still some kind of magic in Lego that makes your imagination more important than special effects.

Another theory could be that fathers buy Lego bricks for themselves, rather than for their children. However, safe your imagination and enjoy your inner child.

Have a nice day!

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