A 3 Part Video Tutorial On Drawing A Hand With Or Without Software 4

Today I want to share with you 3 short videos on drawing a hand. It doesn’t matter what software you might use for drawing on your computer. You can follow this with pencil and paper as well.

This time it’s just about drawing. Thus no tools will be discussed here. I hope you enjoy this and that your hand might be better than the one I drew in this first tutorial on hands drawn freehand.

We start with the pencil part of our drawing:

After the penciling is done we going to ink:

To finish our work we color it. I just use two colors here:

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4 thoughts on “A 3 Part Video Tutorial On Drawing A Hand With Or Without Software

    • Mario Post author

      Hahaha, I thought this would be a funny entry. It worked :-)

      Thank you!

      By the way, I’m not completely satisfied with the hand as a final result. I think about making some more videos on this hand topic.


  • ZuzannaM

    Hi Mario,

    Good thinking, I guess the artist feels inside the heart and follows.
    If you feel the urgency to get some improvements then go for it!

    BTW: How did you divide yourself like that?

    Ha ha:)))~~ Could not resist the laughter!! :)))


    • Mario Post author

      Hi Zuzanna,

      Funny that you ask it. Just before I went to bed yesterday I thought about writing an article or a post about how it’s done. The green screen recording I mean.