Update Information (A Plea To My Visitors) 5

In the next few days I will upgrade this blog to the new WordPress Version 2.9.1

Yes, I have to admit that it still runs on 2.8.6 as I didn’t dare to upgrade when the new WP release came live.

The reason for not daring is the growth in visitors this blog enjoys lately. I learned just two weeks ago how vulnerable a blogger can be once his blog faces downtime. It’s just like falling from the planets surface. You can’t get in touch with your visitors and inform them about the progress the technical staff is making whilst fixing the problems.

I just checked that the databases and all that stuff are up to date on the server and I learned also that you forget a lot about this stuff if you don’t set up a blog from scratch on a daily basis.

Thus, as there is always a little piece of a risk left with an upgrade I want to ask my visitors to follow me on Twitter. This is the best way not to lose touch if something inconvenient should happen. This way I can at least inform you. You always can un-follow me afterwards.

This post will be deleted once the update has been done successfully.

Thank you so much for your following and your visits.


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5 thoughts on “Update Information (A Plea To My Visitors)

  • Ulrich

    when I am in such a situation, I simulate the update on another computer first. (you can install a server and database on any PC) This always helps me to do the real update, because then I know how much time it takes and what steps have to be done.

    • Mario Post author

      Thank you for your clever input, Ulrich.
      Sadly I don’t have enough equipment to do it this way and it’s a lot of work I guess.
      What I have to do now is just backup the database. Disable all the plug-ins. Hit the Upgrade-automatically button. See that it works. Enable the plug-ins. Done.

      As I have been called for a job that will eat up my time for the rest of the week I’m afraid that I have to postpone my action for several more days.

      Again, thank you and it’s nice to read from you again!

      • Jason

        I upgraded my blog to the newest version and it took no more than 5 minutes. I have to admit that I didn’t backup my database and I didn’t disable plug-ins, but I only have 3 posts on my blog so if I lost something it wouldn’t be that tragic.

        • Mario Post author

          Hi Jason my friend! Really great to hear from you.

          Though I’m getting more confident each day that it will do my blog no harm to update I don’t dare at this moment. The main reason is that I just want to do it if I have a certain amount of hours time after the upgrade to clean up the mess if something goes wrong.

          You see, if there is something messed up it just would keep me out of my sleep. I think this weekend will be a great moment, as I have 24/7 support by my host. Although they don’t support coding in any way.

          Oh yes, in the meantime I have more than 250 posts to jeopardize.