Cutting Edge Drawing By Mark Crilley 1

Yesterday Mark Crilley published this last (very short) video for 2009:

In my opinion this is a great example according to my previous article on cutting edge drawing. It’s a teaser for his first preview comic of Brody’s Ghost, the project Mark is working on for Dark Horse at the moment. As far as I know the comic will be released in the middle of 2010.

Alas, Mark chose to publish this 8 page preview comic on Thus those of you who are not willing to create an account on every given platform out there on the Internet have to wait until Mark decides to make it available for everybody.

The reason why this is cutting edge in my eyes is the balance of the line work and the subtle coloring and shading as you can see on the most images in the video above.

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One thought on “Cutting Edge Drawing By Mark Crilley

  • Mario Post author

    There are many people (me included) who have problems to view the preview comic Mark is referring too. If there is anybody out there who has a solution for this please drop a note here in the commend section. I can’t wait to see it.