Show Your Tattoo… 4

…and share the story.

If you have a tattoo did you know that there are a bunch of people in your daily life who would like to take a closer look at it but they probably don’t want to bother you by doing so? Do you think it’s time to give others the opportunity to take this closer look and do you want to share the story of your tattoo?


If your answer is yes and you have no problem with your tattoo(s) being featured on this blog please contact me via the contact form. I will provide you with an e-mail address where you can send your pictures and your story.

Even if you’ve chosen your tattoo design from one of the flash books of your tattoo shop and you think it’s not special enough, I can assure you that it is. For whatever reason you’ve chosen your design, it makes it special for you. You will never forget the day you got it. Every tattoo has its story.

Do you have regrets about one or more tattoos? This can be a reason for sharing as well.

I’m very curious about your tattoos and your stories behind them and I know a bunch of people are. So don’t be shy and share. If there are enough participants I’ll create a new category and make a (hopefully long) series of this.

Thanks in advance! I’m looking forward to read/hear from you!

P.S.: Before you hurry now to the next tattoo parlor, watch and listen to this tips by tattoo legend Paul Booth:

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