Third Result With Manga Studio EX 4 2

Still trying the different features in Manga Studio EX 4 I tried something bigger this time. I made an import of the many 3D objects, in this case a motor bike, and brought it in the right position. It’s amazing to see how you just can turn it around and to see how it “falls” on its place. But before I go any further, take a look at the result first:

This time I made the picture clickable so you can open a larger version. Though the larger version is large, it’s not as large as the original on my HD. The files are very huge and have a great quality. Alas, some of the details disappear whilst shrinking the image.

Looking at it with a critical eye, I’m not very satisfied with my skills yet (still learning to handle the Pent Tablet), but you see that it’s improving whilst practicing. Doing is the keyword here. On the other hand, I was focused more on the motor bike than on the girl that tries to get your attention (and mine).

However, back to what I’ve done. After bringing the motor bike in the right position I also imported a 3D joint doll and brought her into her pose. The fantastic thing with this 3D objects in Manga Studio EX 4 and EX 3 as well is that you also can change the direction of the lightsource.
(Note that Manga is Japanese for Comic and that the name of this program has changed from Comic Studio to Manga Studio in the States)
That takes much of the guess work away as you can see where the dark and the light areas are supposed to be. Of course this takes not away that you have to make some changes because the proportions, especially of the human figure need some adjustments (otherwise you would have a joint doll instead of the girl trying to look sexy sitting on the bike).

The only tools I used where the following:

  • Pencil
  • Pen
  • Fill
  • Burn
  • Dodge
  • Color blend
  • Magic Wand (for the selection work)

Though I used a 3D object here and you understand that this feels a little bit like cheating, it was a lot of work because of the details. Without the possibilities you have in Manga Studio it would have taken much longer.

I hope you like it and I want to post some more. If you want to know more about the subject or if you interested in some tutorials, please let me know via the contact form. If you like my blog please subscribe to the RSS feed or to my newsletter (form in the sidebar).

Have a nice day ahead and enjoy your copy of the program or any other software you use and feel comfortable with.

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