Second Result With Manga Studio EX 4 3

Another day doodling a little and trying the tools of Manga Studio EX 4. Before I explain what I did, let’s take a look at the result:

This time made use of the possibility to import 3D-objects. In the case of this friendly young lady above, I used one of this dolls that in real life are made of wood with this enormous joints. In Manga Stuido EX 4 you have them in various shapes in virtual form. You can bend them and turn them in every thinkable way. As far as I know you don’t have them in Manga Studio Debut 4.

Did you by the way notice that there are a bunch of videos out there where the title says tutorial and when you watch them there is no explanation at all? You just see someone draw and listen to a music. To this guys I want to say: Don’t call it a tutorial. A tutorial explains what happening!

Anyway, this is no tutorial either, but I want to say what I did:

  1. Importing the joint doll and bend her into the right shape. Nice pose, isn’t it?
  2. Then I made a raster layer above it and renamed it to sketch. This is not mandatory, but I like to know what layer I use for which step. In this case I made all the pencil work on it.
  3. I lowered the opacity of the pencil layer after this step was done and then created a vector layer (because you don’t lose quality if you resize something) and renamed it to ink. You guess it right. Here is the ink work done.
  4. I hid the sketch layer (you see, this makes it even easier to follow) and then I created a color layer under the ink layer. I gave this new layer the innovative name color. Here I made the coloring. I did not make this a vector layer because you just  have flat colors then. There is no possibility of smoothing things. Don’t make the mistake and create any other layer than a raster layer with 32-bit color.
  5. OK, I used the dogde-, burn- en color blend tools to get the effects you see above. There is much more to try and I think this is a nice result for some doodling.

Just like last time this is not really Manga and that wasn’t my intention. It may even look a little awkward but the goal was still to learn to handle the pen tablet, what goes easier from drawing to drawing and try the tools. Next time I try to produce some real work.

I hope you enjoyed this example and I look forward to your next visit to my blog.

Have a nice day ahead!

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3 thoughts on “Second Result With Manga Studio EX 4

    • Mario Post author

      Hi Zuzanna,

      Thanks you very much. I’m busy making something bigger at this very moment. Stay tuned.
      This is just some doodling to find out if something that’s on my mind is worth the effort. Maybe I come back on this later.