You Still Have To Nurture Your Skills

After posting my drawing yesterday I had this question in my mailbox: Can everybody draw with this graphic programs out there?

The obvious answer would be yes, because I believe that everybody can do almost everything once the unnecessary limitations are eliminated. By giving it a second thought, this would just be the first step.

You see, don’t believe that you can draw like a pro (I’m not one of them either) just by purchasing a program, installing it and waiting for the magic to happen. We see this also if people purchase expensive camera equipment, thinking that they suddenly make photographs like a pro. Even worse, some people make better photographs with a cheapo camera than some show-offs who’ve spent a bunch of money for their brand camera.

A graphical program is a toolbox with tools that need some skills from the user to handle them in a way that this tools can function in a proper way and then bring the results that the user had in mind. Wow, that is a long sentence. Guys, my English is improving. Time to get a green card.

However, if you don’t practice drawing by just doing it, you will not become the next Marvel or DC superstar. This is the action part. This is not a question about talent. It’s about deep practice. Practice in the right way.

See it this way: how can you expect to draw the most amazing comic book babe if you not yet able to draw a pair of eyes? Practice in the right way and you will be there before you know. Try some old fashioned paper and pencil work first before going digital.

Nurture your skills and they will grow. No matter if it is drawing or quantum physics. Be passionate.

Have a nice day ahead!

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