How You Change The Line Width In Manga Studio

After sharing with you the first results of my experience with Manga Studio in my previous articles, I think it’s time to explain one of my favorite features. You could say that this is going to be my first Manga Studio tutorial.

First let me explain the following image.


I was designing a first draft of Lynn’s eyes (I will come back to her in 2010, I guess). Her left eye as you can see in the image above. I love inking with Manga Studio and I love the tools that help me fixing the problems that occur whilst being creative.

The problem I found with this image was that the lines of the eyes were to thin. You know that this will catch your attention at the moment that you are zooming out to see the whole picture. The lines can be so thin that they nearly disappear.

This is annoying and in the first place you would be tempted to draw a thicker line over the thin one. In other words: doing the work twice. For an eye this is not that time consuming, but think about a complete drawing. This can be a s..t load of work. However, for the purpose of this demonstration I took an eye as an example.

As You can see in this little image above you find a tool called Change Width in the toolbar. I marked it with a awkward red arrow to make sure that you find it quick and easily.

If you click on it (and you do click on it) you see the options like in the image above. I can literally see you looking for it and getting confused because you can’t find it. Just hit F3 and it will appear, so you don’t have to curse. I know how frustrating tutorials can be that end up with users who don’t find the described function and stop following the stuff altogether. I’m not an exception on this.

OK, take a look at the options. Under Effect Extension I chose the Polyline. Marked with a red arrow (You know why).

Under Change Width I leave the setting at 0.10 mm. The button beside it indicates with the plus-sign that it will thicken your line work with the setting you have chosen.  

Let’s go and draw the Polyline around the area we want to affect with this tool. On the image above you see that I did not closed the line in the first place. This is because of the fact that Manga Studio will immediately change the thickness of the line and the polyline will disappear before I can make a screenshot for you. But believe me, I closed the polyline and…

…the result is shown in the image above. If I would decide that the line is still too thin I could repeat the process and/or choose another thickness. I think this example shows pretty much how the tool does its work and makes the change fast and easy.

On this last image above you see the result when I did the same process to the other lines around the eye.

Is it just me or do you think as well that the upper eyelid could have been drawn less shaky? You bet it could! Maybe it’s time to write a second tutorial on the correction feature of Manga Studio. But for now I have to say good night.

Bless you!

PS: I would love to read your comments or hear from you if you run into a snag. I also like to learn from you when it comes to my English skills, though they seem to get better.

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