How To Save On Your Razorblades

This one comes right out of my bathroom. My beard is growing fast and strong and I know that I’m not the only one who suffers from this. Right, I know, when we were boys we wished to have this kind of beard grew because it would made us more mature, but when if finally came we suddenly noticed that shaving can be annoying and it does not always fit in our scheduler either.

I didn’t find a proper solution on this time issue, but I found a way to save on the blades and still have the advantage of the (in my opinion) cutting edge (literally) razorblades.

There are two things that let me postpone shaving regularly:

  1. It often feels like a waste of time.
  2. If I shave me every day my skin gets irritated.

As said I don’t have a solution for the time issue. The way I shave me is a little more time consuming as I shave my face twice. The first time with the direction of the hair grew and then in the opposite direction, to make sure that every hair gets its proper cut. I don’t know if you say this that way in English (you don’t say it in Dutch) but I thought this sounds fancy.

I use Gilette Fusin Power though I think the whole battery thing is unnecessary. Anyway, I like the smooth result. My face feels like (as we say in Holland. Or was it in Germany?) the ass of a baby and my skin doesn’t gets irritated.

But let’s face it, this brand razors are not cheap. Still we want the result that they bring us.

I think we agree that shaving with razor blades gives a much better result than shaving with an electrical shaving system. It always was and it’ll ever be. No question about that. No matter what the commercials on TV tell us. We have the proof in the field, or better in our bathrooms.

A couple of years ago I got a electrical shaving system as a Christmas gift. I was very pleased because I thought it would irritate my skin less than the razors. It also had the benefit that I wouldn’t have to buy the blades anymore. If you compare the prices you will see that the pricing of a electrical shaving system is the same as 2 to 3 boxes of shaving blades. So you would save a lot on the long run.

It didn’t took long to go back to the blades because of two reasons:

  1. It was more time consuming to get a result that was acceptable.
  2. The skin irritation was the same by daily use.

Last week I found that the best way to cut the cost of the blades in half without irritating my skin too much was to get the electrical shaving system out of its hiding place somewhere behind the towels in my closet, doing the first run with it and then shaving opposite the grew direction of my facial hair with the razors. Isn’t this easy?

Still I am too lazy to shave me every day.

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