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If you read my article When I grow up you know that one of my passions is drawing. In my opinion one of the most intriguing styles of drawing is to draw Manga.

The problem with Manga as I learned is the first thought. Just drawing some big eyes, a small nose and a pointy chin isn’t enough.

I have a stack of these How To Draw Manga Books on my bookshelf. They are good but in a certain way they miss something. Half of the content is on drawing materials like different pencils, pens and inks. This is not what I was looking for.


There are also a lot of tutorials out there on the net. Often they end with a result that only proofs that the artist himself didn’t had that much practice himself. I don’t write this to offend anybody but I think some of you will agree that the end results of some of the videos lack something. The WOW-effect. the Cutting Edge. Sometimes they are out of balance, though it’s hard to describe what went wrong.

Until now one of the best free tutorials on-line are these from artist Mark Crilley, the creative guy behind the Miki Falls series. On his Youtube channel he demonstrates (often) line by line how he is drawing and most important he explains why he is drawing it the way he does.

Mark has published a lot of comics/graphic novels and I think he would be the right person to publish a book on How To Draw or publishing DVD’s or something. I guess he don’t has the time to do something like that at the moment as he works hard on a new project that will be published next year. But I keep my fingers crossed for those who want to learn from a pro.

I’ve embedded this short video as an example. If you want to see and learn more I recommend to subscribe on his Youtube channel. Mark already has more than 100.000 subscribers what takes away the time limit in video length.

Enjoy and support Mark by buying and reading his Miki Falls series.

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