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I don’t know what your experience is but when I visit my blog (I’m located in the Netherlands) I see most of the time ads for Super Mario via AdSense. How irrelevant can one advertise. Does everybody who’s name is Mario have necessarily to do with this Nintendo Guy?

When I worked in the early 90th in a retail store I took one of those Nintendo boxes and tested it at home. The result was that I spent hours and hours to get this little Mario through the Mario world. Today I try to get myself through the real life Mario world by the way.
In the early 80th I spent my allowance on this Crazy (Donkey) Kong machines, where this little Mario had his first appearance. I liked the character and I don’t have anything against him, but this does not take away that I have nothing to do with him nowadays.

However, after using AdSense on different sites for a couple of years now, I think you have to be a super blogger like Darren Rowse to make a decent income with it. Yes I know that you can exclude certain pages and advertisers to be shown on your site and I did this when I did the maintenance for the website of a tire company. This was important to prevent ads from the competition on their site. But who would consider doing this over and over again on his blog. In the end this would mean that you have a lot of work to get paid (let’s face it) once or if you are lucky twice a year for the effort.

Can this ads be more relevant. You bet they can. If we take a brief look at Chikita we see a lot more of relevance here. The reason and the advantages for the visitors are obvious:

  1. Ads are just being shown if a visitor comes from a search engine like Google or Yahoo etc. The ads will match the search query of the visitor, so they ARE much more relevant than ads based on misinterpreted content. At this moment they will just appear to visitors from the US and Canada.
  2. Visitors who come directly to my site or via a link other than via search engines aren’t bothered with those ads as they don’t show up. There will be no empty space if no ad is shown. Again, even if they come from a search engine and don’t come from the US or Canada, they won’t be bothered with those ads.

Personally I think that this principal is that good that it won’t take long that Google will make the Chitika people an offer they can’t refuse and they will inhale this company.

What do you think?

(Disclaimer: Google AdSense and Chitika are both sponsors of Mario Live!)

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5 thoughts on “Irrelevant AdSense – I’m Not That Nintendo Guy!

  • Anna Lea

    Adsense is the best paying make money online program on the internet. I just wish that i could increase my website traffic to high levels so that i could earn more money on Adsense.

    • Mario Post author

      It all depends on quality traffic and well targeted ads. The majority of website owners don’t make a lot of money with it. I dare say that 99% won’t reach the payout threshold within a year. The reason for this is in my opinion that the focus lies more on add incomes than on content.
      AdSense is not a making money program. It’s an advertising program. This is something different.
      I’m using Chikita as well and the eCPM is already better than that of AdSense. Nonetheless it isn’t the one OR the other. Just use both of them.

    • Mario Post author

      I suggest you try additional to Adsense Chitika Premium —->
      It delivers advertising that is related to the search terms people typed into search engines and come to your site. The ads will not show up to other visitors, what is especially great for your regular returning visitors.