The Pros And Cons Of Part Time Jobs 2

While doing monotone work via the part time job agency I did a little thinking because I had the time for it. Did I miss anything? What do you think? What would be your pros and cons? Let me know in the comment section.


  • You accept jobs that you wouldn’t want to do for the rest of your life because it’s easier to deal with them because they are temporary.
  • You don’t get stuck in a job you wouldn’t want to do on the long run.
  • You don’t know exactly where you are going to work next week, next month or even tomorrow. This can make things more interesting.
  • More freedom of choice if you work for more companies.
  • You meet more different people as you would do in a regular job. If you are a peoples person you probably like this one.
  • If you take a day off you won’t get paid. This one is the price of the freedom.


  • You don’t know if you have work next week, next month or maybe tomorrow. Though this is a con it can make it more interesting.

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2 thoughts on “The Pros And Cons Of Part Time Jobs

  • Miryam Stenger

    Hello Mario, I think you really mean ‘temporary’ jobs as opposed to ‘part-time’ jobs. ;) And “If you take a day off you won’t get paid. This one is the price of the freedom” is a Con – not a Pro!

    I agree with you that the worst thing – possibly the only Con – is the not knowing when you are next going to get paid work. Which makes the fact that when one a temporary job does crop up one gets quite thrilled at the prospect, and a ‘feel good’ feeling. Many people with permanent jobs get to the stage where they dread getting up in the morning to go to the job they’ve been doing for so long because it has bcome boring for them. Personally, I have never experienced this feeling called “boredom”. I stay busy, always finding something to do. And if a book or film is not taking my interest, then I switch off. :)

    Back to temporary work… in this day and age many people do now only work temporary, also because of their other commitments and responsibilities, and their lifestyle. One can actually get paid more money by ‘temping’, and one can gain a good reputation because one has to try harder to impress and get more quality work done. And most times, the work is varied.

    Another plus point with temporary work is that you have time to supplement this kind of work by, say, also working from home.

    For older people temporary work is a good thing because it supplements their pensons. For younger people this type of work is a good thing because it gives youngsters a chance to find their niche by trying out various jobs.

    And the good thing – for everyone who wants this – is that temporary work can lead to permanent full-time employment in a job which one likes doing. :)

  • Mario Post author

    Hello Miryam, you’re right. Indeed I mean temporary jobs and it’s certainly not a pro to not get paid when you take a day off.

    At this moment it’s not only hard to find a full-time employment finding a temporary job as well. For me it’s also hard to find a temporary job that fits my education(s). Most companies here offering just temporary work.

    I think it’s because I said to the agency that I will do any job that they call me that often and that I work for a couple of very different companies at the moment.

    Yes, I think as a temporary employee you work harder. In the end it’s my good reputation that this companies asking me to come over and over again. I see many people who come one or two days or weeks and never be hired again.

    None of the jobs I do at this moment is something I would like to do until my retirement. No I want to start a own business again and work until I die because the fun of it.

    Thank you for your comment and the corrections.