Help Setting Up A Blog

Often when I mention that I have a blog or a website it doesn’t takes long that I’m getting asked: “Can you build websites or setup blogs? What do you charge?” I always explain that I did build websites in the past but that this isn’t something I do anymore for other people. There are two main reasons for this:

  1. Technical. Not every hosting provider handles the same platform. It’s not that complicated to learn how to handle the setup on different platforms but the time involved here is a critical point. On the other hand I always have my provider to take some actions on the server in order to make a blog run. Again, I think this is to time consuming. You could ask Why not choose a other provider? The answer is simple: as I don’t have a credit card I can’t make use of GoDaddy from out the Netherlands. In other words I have a geographical problem as well.
  2. Financial: The reasons above lead to a time consuming processes that make a reasonable pricing impossible. I know there are many web developers out there who charge pretty high prices for their services, but I think setting up a blog and make it ready to use should be affordable for everyone.

Since I stumbled upon the website of Johnny B. Truant my answer to the question is “I could, but I know somebody who is very good at it, who charges a reasonable price for getting you started with your wordpress blog on your own domain and who has very good references (testimonials).”

Johnny is very clear in his approach and he explains exactly what you can expect from him and what not. His service level agreement is very clear and for you it’s just outsourcing the first hurdle you have to take for getting started. Without being charged like you hired a suite in an expensive hotel.

Besides this real life service with real physical work Johnny is the man behind the blog The Economy Isn’t Happening. Het writes also guest posts for IttyBiz and Problogger.

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