Thanks To Alex From East Side Ink 2

While I reinvent myself I’m browsing through all the interests I have and once had to see if they can be combined for something new. Something I didn’t already give a try or something I did not try hard enough.

I’m very glad that Alex Leon Sherker took the time to explain things from his professional point of view and I’m grateful that he motivated me to dive into the inking adventure…

Oh yes, you can take a look at this Tattoo Artists Bible here.

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2 thoughts on “Thanks To Alex From East Side Ink

  • Miryam Stenger

    Hello Mario, I’m glad that you are continuing to be optimistic and productive. I, too, had financial problems last year and had to sell my beautiful villa this year for a silly price in order to survive, and now live in rented accommodation. And I try not to get too depressed and carry on looking for ways to boost my income. I also have a personal relationship problem so get into what I call short-term “hide in my shell” phases (like a tortoise!)which can be quite counter-productive.

    Anyway, the reason I’m really commenting on this post is because I can’t hear you speaking on your latest video even with the speaker volume on full power. I also tried on Youtube with the same results. Just letting you know before the whole world complains they can watch you but not hear your whispers. :) By the way, you don’t need to post this comment.

    • Mario Post author

      Hi Miryam, nice to hear from you.

      The problem with the sound is weird as I can hear everything clear and hard as any other video. (If anybody else has a problem with the sound, please comment or contact me and I’ll try to figure it out.)

      Miryam, it’s not that easy to continuing with optimism and productivity. Panic attacks really eat up your soul and all your creativity. I guess you know the feeling if when you are like a deer in the night frozen in the headlights of the a truck that is going to roll right over you. This feeling is sucking all the productivity out of you just like a vampire.

      It’s so sad to hear that you had to sell your beautiful home. But let’s see it this way: it’s temporary and you are just sitting between your first and second villa.
      I have no problem anymore with the idea to sell my house and go to a rented flat that will suede my needs for much less money. If you are a home owner you should own the home and not the other way around. I know from experience that I can do with much less if needed.

      It’s very interesting how many people I meet nowadays who are in a comparable situation. Once you talk about it they notice that they are not alone and come up with their stories. Just tonight I had a interesting conversation about this with a mate at the cake factory where I work part time.

      There will be better times, so let us all keep the faith. It’s not always easy but let’s try it. Remember the little smile. It works.