The Last Raspberry (Guest post by Simone) 2

The last half of September, fairly late in the season. Yet there it was, a big raspberry. Because of the few hours of sunshine – my little garden is surrounded by other houses – it took of course a long time for it to ripen.

Every morning I looked at my raspberry; is it ready to be eaten? Alas, hopefully tomorrow, or else the day after tomorrow…
Every day I looked forward to that even more. This morning I watched it and knew instantly that today was THE DAY!

I was already pondering on which moment of the day the taste in my mouth would be as neutral as possible, so I could enjoy the sensations of my raspberry to the fullest. Of course not right after eating breakfast, nor right after drinking coffee…I decided to postpone the banquet for a while until later.

Suddenly Mario came walking in and we quickly decided we had to go to town. After an hour we were back, had a coffee and then Mario went off to his job.

30 minutes and a few sips of water later I decided that the taste in my mouth was neutral enough. Now my moment of joy has arrived, I thought. That it had been a sly combat, I discovered only when I neared my raspberry bush. Mister Blackbird had been casually roaming  my garden each day, preferably when I was miles away. He too must have kept a keen eye on the development of my raspberry. The moment I was about to consume my harvest, I was shocked to discover the remains of my once so gorgeous raspberry; only the small white kernel was hanging in the bush. Mister Blackbird sat innocently attending his feathers in my hedge, or was he laughing?

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