With Or Without Pants, Lady Gaga CAN sing

When I heard the name Lady Gaga in the past and saw some pictures I said I don’t even want to hear something from somebody who’s name sounds like an old hit from Queen and who always seem to forget her pants while leaving the house.

When I was working at the (Dutch) IRS last month they played a song on the radio over and over again. It didn’t took long for me to like it. In the end I wanted to know who sung this song and I looked it up on the Internet.

When I did not just found the radio version but also the piano version in the video below I was convinced: this is fucking great. She’s got talent and she made it completely without this talent chasing TV-shows that produces one star after the other that you don’t remember 3 month from now.

Great work! Enjoy, if you didn’t heard it already.


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