The Pets Are Safe 2

If you have pets, I think your responsibility is like having children. So on my journey I have to take care that they are safe. OK, you don’t try to get rid of your children and put them in an ad on the internet. This is the difference, I guess.

I had to make sure that my Rabbit Bob and my Gerbils found a new home. As I don’t know exactly where I am going to, I know one thing for sure: I can’t take them with me.

Last weekend I placed an ad on the Internet on with some photographs, stating that this animals looking for new homes fast. It was by the way during my conversation with the friendly, pregnant lady (see my last article) when I got the first phone call about Bob.

Two days later a guy came for Bob. He is now running around in a big yard, playing with other pets. Isn’’t that nice.

Last Saturday a couple came for the Gerbils. Alas, I had to discover that one of them passed away. I found it dead under the sand. But the other 3 are well and have found a new home. The sorrows about the pets are gone and I had an interesting conversation with the couple. As a bonus I gave them a copy of my book LOSER.

This is it for now. I have to work on the house and looking for more work.

Bless you all!

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2 thoughts on “The Pets Are Safe

  • Ilaria/Swimturtle

    Hi Mario, great news about the pets, and one more load off your mind. Good luck with finishing the back yard and the rest of the repairs on the house, and of course good luck in the work market.

    BTW, give us details about the bread factory, that sounds like fun!
    Much love as always,

    • Mario Post author

      Hi Ilaria, indeed one more load is off my mind. I feel a little like the captain who is leaving the ship as the last person.

      I just got a message that I start part time at the (Dutch) IRS on Monday.

      Maybe it’s a good idea to tell about the bread factory. I’ll think about it.