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First of all I want to thank all of you for the positive responses on my last article. Thank you for the re-tweets, the subscriptions to my newsletter, the support by visiting some sponsors of the blog and the many private messages.

Now it’s time for an update of my journey out of the pit.

As I know that there are many out there with similar problems, I thought it may be interesting to write about this journey. From the real life. Not as a guru who shows you how to become unbelievable successful and earn tons of dollars or Euros within a couple of days just by writing some articles. I don’t want to offend people, there are great guys out there who are doing amazing jobs with this. Especially Perry Marshall is one of the guys from whom I learned a lot, though I had to stop with my business.

However, in this story I’m the guinea pig of my own decisions. As I’m in the darkest situation I had to struggle with so far, I seem to regain a part of my force.

You see, I believe in the Law Of Attraction but when I am in panic it’s hard to focus on the things I want instead of the things I don’t want. I had the feeling that I’m closing my eyes for the hard facts I am faced with.

Anyway, it took much more than a deep breath and the part of Thought Field Therapy that I described in one of my newsletters.

A day after my last post I had an intake at a job agency (I think in America it is called this way. It’s an agency that hires you for work at other companies so they don’t have to employ you a.s.o.) I had passed a test as data entry employee for the Dutch version of the IRS, so I was invited for an intake. They will probably hire me for 20 hours a week starting from September 1th 2009.

While I was there I also showed my interest for a job at the post office of the Dutch IRS (I just call it this way). The great thing on this day was that the people I met let me tell my story and they listened. It feels a lot better if you are not just treated like a number, doesn’t it? When I told the employee of the agency what I was going through her colleagues listened carefully as well. At some point I said without any doubt: I have to and I will find work. I know I am not in the position to sit on all my diplomas like a diva and mourn that there is no work that suites my papers. This don’t brings food on my table. 
At this point one of the others stood up and asked me if I was willing to work in a bread factory. I nodded and said that I will do anything as long as I don’t have to harm anybody. This was a very positive start of the day and hours later they called me for a one day job the next day. It was work for company that moves other companies offices from one location to the other. Sorry, I don’t know the English terms for this.

OK, back to that day. When I left the agency I walked to the job market (another thing I can’t translate properly) where I informed an employee that I was rejected for a job at the information desk of a DIY-mall. The employee of the job market was impressed and found it very kind to inform them. He told me that most people don’t tell anything when they are rejected so that they have to run after this information. He he showed me that there where very many people who had applied for this one job. We agreed that this is terrible and it seems nearly the same situation as in the US. He asked me to sit down and I had the feeling that he enjoyed our conversation. He was the second person who had let me tell my story this day. When I stood up, we shook hands and I had two more company names to apply for a job. One in Belgium and one in Germany. (Didn’t had time yet to apply there because I suddenly had to work at the bread factory and many other things.)

When I went back to my girlfriends place I came along the office where you can get on a list for a flat. As I plan to sell my house without knowing what’s next, I decided to subscribe there. I was welcomed in a wonderful ambience and here I met the third person this day, who let me tell my story. It was a very kind, pregnant woman (it was her last workday before giving birth b.t.w.) and she listened and took notes. I even told her about my experience at my sisters place in Brooklyn. Suddenly something happened. It was like getting an overload of positivity. More than I could bare. The woman said ‘Everything will gonna be alright’. And while she said this she gave me a wonderful smile as a gift. I got tears in my eyes before I could shake hands with here and leave the building. You have to understand that I didn’t cry for a very long time. Even when my mom died I just cried a brief moment. But when I left the building to go to my girlfriends place I had to wipe the tears off of my face all the way.

When I arrived there I sat down on the sofa and told Simone what had happened in the last two hours. We both cried. And yes, when I came home to work on my house I had to cry again before I got started and I feld a kind of a relieve. A feeling I could remember from my childhood.

OK guys, it’s late and I don’t know if I get a call very early in the morning to work somewhere. Thanks again for the good wishes and the positive energy that comes with it. I’ll keep you informed as good and as often as I can.

Bless you all my friends!

Sorry for the typos. I correct them when I find them.

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4 thoughts on “Breaking The Silence

    • Mario Post author

      Thanks for the wishes and the smile. This is by the way what I did during every conversation and I think it helps a lot. Also when I worked at the factory and the other company, I kept smiling and felt that it made a better day not just for me.

  • Ilaria/Swimturtle

    Hi Mario, what a wonderful article! It’s so great to read about all the beautiful things you have been doing and about all the nice people you have met. I can tell that our luck is changing.
    I have movies again to translate! Thrilling!
    Please keep writing about your journey back to financial security because I’m sure many, many people can learn a lot and gain much courage from what you are going through.
    As always, all my love to my Dutch/German brother!

    • Mario Post author

      Hello Ilaria, thank you. In fact it doesn’t sound very much what I’ve done, as it I didn’t already wrote about the things I did with my home and my belongings that I sold on the Internet.