Goose Bumps On My Funeral 2

When I was a guitar playing teenager I had a book with a large collection of guitar tabs from various folk songs. You will not be surprised when I tell you that the title was ‘The Folkbook’ (for German insiders: Das Folkbuch by Peter Bursch).

One of my favorite songs in this book was THE FOGGY DEW.

Gosh I loved to sing this song as hard as Luke Kelly, who sang it in my opinion as it was meant to be.

Sometimes I like to browse the web for different versions from my favorite songs. Sometimes it’s very surprising what you find. In the case of THE FOGGY DEW I stumbled on a version by Sarah McLachlan and the Chieftains. To be honest: this happened nearly 10 years ago when everybody was downloading music via Napster.

Anyway, I never heard of Sarah McLachlan before but I fell immediately in love with her voice. I got goose bumps when she sings. The funny thing was that the most friends of mine didn’t liked the recording when I asked them to listen. The main reason was that they just don’t listen to folk songs. But I also learned that some of them just didn’t like her kind of singing. When I asked them to compare the Luke Kelly version with Sarah McLachlan’s they told me that they found Luke OK and thought that Sarah’s voice was kind of not getting high enough or something like that. As if her voice was falling down. They couldn’t explain it very well. But it was that what gave me the goose bumps what they disliked. Isn’t it funny?

My final conclusion on this is the following: I think you have to know the ‘original’ to be able to value the ‘McLachlan’ version.

Lately I found the recording on Youtube but the sound quality wasn’t very good. This is why I’ve put this video together for those of you who want to compare the two versions (of course there are a lot more good versions out there):

Sarah has the voice I would like to “hear” on my own funeral. I love her voice so much that I can imagine that I would rise out of the grave from pure excitement. Yes, I’m exaggerating but this way you can imagine a little how much I love her voice.

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