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Normally I don’t celebrate my birthday. I keep it private and just forget about it. This time I want to make an exception.

Today I want to thank you all for reading my articles, though they are not always as interesting as they should be. There is something you are coming back for and I’m very grateful for this.

I’m also very grateful for your patience and the support you gave and give me behind the scenes.

Last month (June 2009) I’ve posted the lowest amount of articles in the history of this blog.

Isn’t it funny that last month had the highest amount of unique and returning visitors ever? This in spite of the lack of new stuff on the blog. My first reaction was

Hey, are they kidding me? Are they rewarding me for shutting up? For just writing some short posts and that’s it?

Due to some turbulences I wasn’t able to be that active last month. It’s great to see that it did no harm to the blog. The good news is that I extended the hosting just last month for another year. I even had to extend the bandwidth as you guys are generating a pretty amount of traffic.

A couple of days ago I was at a barbeque party at a friends place and I had this interesting conversation about the world that is getting smaller every day thanks to the Internet and social media. As the borders in our minds change, so are the values we have and the definitions of things like friendship. Two days later I read this post by Seth Godin, what was kind of the perfect extension to the conversation I had with my friend. It’s about the difference between strangers and friends. 

Talking about social media, I’m grateful for every follower on Twitter, though I’m still figuring out how to use it as efficient as possible. I think the most efficient way is not to try to do everything efficient. Just do it and enjoy. As long as you have fun with doing something your time is never been wasted.

At the time of writing I have exactly 1,844,675 less followers than Oprah. You can make a difference here!

Now I’m going to celebrate in silence and going to a restaurant with my girlfriend.

Have a nice day!

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