Not Just A Whisper: Kellie Woods

This professional in a distance staring young lady is Kellie Woods from London (UK). Like every woman she grabbed my attention with her nose. This is not a joke and much more important is how she kept my attention after the hey-I-like-this-nose-moment was over. She did it with passion and talent.

I was stumbling from one video to the other on YouTube, when YouTube suddenly was convinced that I would like to listen to Kellie Woods. As said, attracted by the nose I decided to give her a try and I have to admit that my time wasn’t wasted.

Kellie is a self taught musician, what reminds me on my younger years. According to her user name on YouTube (iliketochewit86) I assume that she was born in 1986 and likes food.

Like many others (including myself?) she uploaded some covers of more or less famous songs.

The delightful thing (for me) is that she already has a own voice, what makes her recognizable.

But that’s not all, she is also very ambitious when it comes to the creative part in the world of music. She likes writing songs. In the video below she’s performing her own song ‘Angelic Whispers’:

Take a look at her profile on YouTube, where you also will find a link to her website with photographs and more important recordings of her own songs in a real professional quality.

Have fun!

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