My 3 Favorites Of The Week (8) 1

You seem to want more of them and who am I to deny sharing them. Though I feel a little bad because I didn’t wrote more other posts the last week. At this moment I am very busy off-line, but I swear that I will post more in the rest of this month. I joined the Darren Rowse’s challenge to build a better blog in 31 days and it had its effect. The nice thing is that I can repeat it as often as I like and if you have a blog you should give it a try too.

Here are my favorites of this week:

  • The first one is a little lugubrious in my opinion but nonetheless worth reading. It’s a post about Mr. Mathews from Buckinghamshire who has terminal cancer and is betting on his own life and is collecting his winning payout.


  • These days everything is about saving money. Though the best thing is not to spend money if you need to make the ends meet. But if you are in the situation that you are in need of certain paper forms and you want to save some money, you can just print them out here for free. (update 2014: link doesn’t exist anymore)
  • Yes, this week I found just three favorites, so I let the last be a funny, recognizable one, though I just use a vacuum cleaner.


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One thought on “My 3 Favorites Of The Week (8)

  • rene


    I didn’t realise what an interresting live you have. You show many nice picteres of yourselve. The ones you cammed you hear whit a sponse i like the
    most. We all hope to see you soon, otherwise you get a housevisit by me.
    Many greatings to you and S.
    BIS BALT (your biggest fan)