The Google AdWords Nightmare / Google’s Circle Jerk

A couple of years ago it was pretty common that especially adult rated websites made use of so called circle jerks. That means that if one of our neighbors, ( as you and me never visited such websites) left such a site a pop-up window would open and load a new adult rated website. This would happen with every website he  choose to close until he’s at the first website again and the whole game starts all over again.

We can imagine that the situation was/is very annoying. Something similar annoying I experienced yesterday night with something less sexy:

I run some Google AdWords campaigns (not for this blog btw.) and since there is a new interface in AdWords I had a question about a functionality. When I couldn’t find an answer in the normal help section I decided to contact the support team.

This is where the horror began. Like you can see in the video I’m logged in in my Google AdWords account and at the same time when I try to contact the support team, Google tells me that my account doesn’t exist. There is no way for me to contact the support team. This is as annoying as one of this circle jerk things.

Don’t get me wrong, I can understand that they get many e-mails and can’t answer all of them, but as a paying customer I feel I should deserve better than being ignored or as in this case: denied. The fucking program tells me that I don’t exist. If it was a free service I wouldn’t complain, but one of the reasons to choose paid services is the fact that you can say then: “This doesn’t work, I pay for it, so fix it!”

It feels a little bit creepy to pay money every month and suddenly discover that there is no possibility to contact a human being. Just being ignored by a machine. This shouldn’t be legal.

In my opinion there are way to much big companies out there that hide their so-called support behind expensive phone-numbers or behind not functioning e-mail forms as in the case of Google. A company that charges money for a service should be forced by law to make sure that paying clients can contact them if necessary. As you saw in the video in the case of Google it is entirely impossible and I’m curious what the chamber of commerce over here in the Netherlands will say about this .

It’s still hard not to like Google but my boiling point is reached with such a bad service.

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