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I recently heard this very funny commercial on the radio when I was driving in my car. A guy was talking about all the cooking shows he loved to see on the TV because he loved cooking so much. He was talking about Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver and so on. Then he added that he had no time for cooking himself because he would miss out the shows if he would do that. This commercial was for a instant soup. Very funny and very real.

I immediately saw myself watching these shows and then using a sauce out of a package because it took too much time otherwise. Really I love to cook, but the dishes that take time and where I make everything by myself are reserved for special occasions.

I know loving something and don’t doing it seems a contradiction, but aren’t we all doing it from time to time, or even worse, all of the time?

When I look a little further than just this cooking niche, I see a lot of things online where I think Hey, this would be great to do it by myself! or Hey, next week I want to try this too!

I come along very interesting things and in the end never try them out because I would have missed out other great stuff. Am I getting insane? Or is this just the collective insanity of this time? What do you think?

A couple of days ago I was wondering what I could do offline. I mean really offline, without a computer. You also can do things on the computer without being on the Internet, you know? Yes, it’s true, I don’t know who was telling me that but it seems to be possible.

I was wondering what I could do and weeding the backyard was no option. Sports were no option either, as I don’t like sports. I didn’t had a clue. Oh yes, I like to photograph and extending my Photoshop skills. I really like that and I do it not often enough. You see, at some point I got the feeling that every photo that I could take from the dog, already has been taken. The same for my girlfriend. Please pray that she don’t reads today’s post! But no harm will be done as she is my most impatient and unwilling model anyway. She don’t likes to be photographed.

Last Sunday while I was wondering if there is any offline life at all where I live, I decided to grab my camera and go with my girlfriend to her pro-deo, pro-bono (or however you spell this) work. She was going with a colleague to herd sheep from one grass field to another alongside a classic steam train line. Yes, I heard that this was not far from where I live but I never visited it. Isn’t that funny. As I’m not a friend of wandering through nature, I prefer cities with masses of people in the streets, I was also a little surprised by the nature I saw.

So I went with her and we brought 6 sheep from one place to the other. We had a nice conversation with her colleague and I was very amazed about his answer when my girlfriend said to him that she had sent him an email to announce that I would come with her. He answered that he hadn’t read his email in three days. Can you imagine that?

If the answer had been I didn’t read my emails in 3 hours, I wouldn’t have been that surprised, but 3 days made me a little concerned. Nonetheless he seemed to be a happy person. Do you think you and I could be that happy too? I mean without Internet?

The longer I think about this, the more I consider wasting less time online and doing some more funny, creative things offline. This is possible and it don’t have to herd sheep. There are so much things to do and I often catch me doing things online that are really a total waste of time.

I would like to hear from you what you are doing offline. Please let me know! If you can’t without your computer tell me what you do offline with your computer. What applications are you using? What games you are playing? There are also games that don’t have sounds but boards and cubes! You can also play them with your online friends. Just share your offline activities in the comment section. I look forward to it!

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2 thoughts on “What Are You Doing Offline?

  • Terry

    I try to have at least one scheduled weekend day off line so I can just do other things. Some of the things I do are read non fiction books and/or magazines, cook and host a family/group dinner, attend an event with family or friends.

    We like to play Chinese checkers in our household and sometimes do old fashioned puzzles.

    At least once a year, I take a full week off email. This includes work and personal email.