Watch This Movie To See The Importance Of Your Smile 4

Just take the 16 minutes that it takes to watch this movie that will not appear in your feed reader. I think many people need this these days.

Further reading: That Little Smile.

Have a fantastic day ahead!

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4 thoughts on “Watch This Movie To See The Importance Of Your Smile

  • Ilaria/Swimturtle

    I love this film. TJ Thyne is one of the actors from Bones and I have a weak spot for him anyway. But here he is particularly sweet. I had already seen this movie, I can’t remember how I found it, but thanks for letting me see it again. Yes, we are all great and we have to remember that more often.

  • Miryam Stenger

    Out of curiosity I watched the entire ‘Smile’ film. (16.5 minutes is normally too long for me to watch a Youtube clip). It made me smile (well actually I found myself grinning à la mode de Stephen King’s clown); and I almost cried at the end because the film had a happy ending. And afterwards I read your ‘Smile’ article, which was enlightening.

    The first word I learnt to say when I emigratd to Spain was – naturally – “Hola”; the reason being that everyone here says it all of the time. It took some getting used to having complete total strangers saying hello to me, even if just passing me by in the street, never to see me ever again. I now say Hola at least 30 times a day from the minute I leave the house to everyone I see; 99% respond back. Of course it’s difficult not to say Hola without also giving a smile. :)

    • Mario Post author

      16.5 minutes are normally way to long for an online video indeed. Just like you I hadn’t problems with this one.

      Your story reminds me on the time I worked in Madrid back in the early 90th. One night I was wandering through the overcrowded streets and was totally lost in translation (love the movie Lost In Translation by the way). Everyone spoke Spain and even if I would’ve found somebody who spoke English, my English would have been much to poor to start a conversation.
      I remember that there was a cute girl walking along and she said ‘Hola’ to me with a beautiful smile. I said ‘Hola’ to her, but she disappeared in the crowd. So without a happy end I went to the metro then and drove home to my hotelroom.

      Thank you for sharing!