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Hello and welcome back! I’m very glad that I can say this to most of my visitors without exaggerating. Even though the post with the picture of Barack Obama as a visitor of my blog was a joke, my statistics show a vast amount of returning visitors. The nice thing is that they are increasing month after month.

This post is mainly for those of you who didn’t had the time yet to subscribe to my newsletter, in which I share the things I don’t share on this blog.

Here is an overview of the topics that where covered in these newsletters and the items you’ve missed so far:

In the first issue I gave to my readers an easy to use manual (with photographs for a better understanding) how to overcome overwhelm.

In the second issue I revealed the trick behind Derren Brown’s Undertaker Trick. You can watch Derren’s video here.

The third issue answered questions of readers that rose after receiving my second newsletter and a confession about how I tried (and proceeded?) to use hypnotic suggestions on a doctor of the Dutch government.

The fourth issue covered a system to remember numbers easily, even if you think by yourself that you are not good at remembering them very well at all.

The fifth issue of my newsletter I wrote due to the great response to the fourth and I dug a little deeper in the topic of remembering numbers and the system behind it.

The sixth newsletter was a logical sequel of number 4 and 5 where I explained how you can easily remember a list of numbered words. After reading, understanding and a little practice you are able to random name everything on the list. This is very helpful and fun.

So this were the newsletter issues so far. As the topics will vary and the newsletter is unregular you might think this is something you want to read so now and then. Chances are big that you want this because people told me that they even print them out to re-read them later. I can’t imagine a bigger compliment at this moment. The statistics tell me by the way that some of my dear readers read them up to 4 times (at the time of writing this article).

You can subscribe to my newsletter by using the form in the sidebar!

Have a nice day!

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