Killing Loneliness With Signs 3

There is another great short movie I found that will make you feel good. If you have have 12 minutes and you wasn’t disappointed by my last recommendation, I can assure you that you will love this one by Patrick Hughes.

Patrick Hughes is a very talented director who made well known commercials and also short films like this one:

Signs tells you without too many words…. I have to stop here, just enjoy and let me know what you think.

Have a nice weekend!

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3 thoughts on “Killing Loneliness With Signs

  • Samuel

    Ha I loved that! I didn’t think I would have the patience to watch it right through until the end but I wanted to know if they would meet! :) Shame we don’t know what happened afterwards… If they actually got together etc.
    I remember doing something similar in a cafe once where I was bored and handed a blank game of ‘noughts and crosses’ on a piece of paper to a nearby girl without saying anything and we passed the note back and forth. Fun times!! :)

    • Mario Post author

      It’s a nice short movie, isn’t it? I think everybody will find something recognizable in it, like being lonely and finally find somebody to share that special feeling with. Even without talking too much.