My 5 Favorites Of This Week (3)

I nearly don’t dare to mention it, but I think this is going to become a series. I had  funny, interesting, weird and inspiring discoveries when I was on my late-night-before-I-go-to-bed-journey. Wow I just invented a new term. If you are in the mood for it, and I guess you are, read on!

  • I stumble upon this post by Peter from Ying VS Yang. Peter tells how he regained hope and willpower to go after what he wants in life after he read the text on a buddy’s t-shirt. As you can see in my comments over there, I found it very inspiring. By the way: the comments of the readers are very valuable as well.
  • A little bit weird and funny was this story of a Russian hairdresser, who subdued and raped a guy who tried to rob her. I know that there were discussions in the past if it’s possible at all that a woman rapes a man. In the end he has to physical react on her advances and when he reacts (erects) can you then talk about rape? Read what her sentence is in this post.
  • The following one is a simple but true comic strip that describes exactly how I felt sometimes when I still sat in the Dilbert cube.
  • This one isn’t time consuming at all. Just a funny picture of a cool dog.
  • This video takes 1:20 minutes and it’s funny to see how a dog is calming down a crying baby.

I hope you liked this as I did and hope to see you back soon.

Have a lovely weekend!

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