Then And Now: All Day, All Day, Donna Bottman 39

It think one of the most stupid and awkward things I’ve done so far this year was when I contacted Donna Bottman with this silly question: ‘Are you the girl of the Pet Shop Boys video Domino Dancing?’

Let’s face it, we all would get tired of being asked the same question over and over again for 21 years, wouldn’t we.

So her reaction on my question was very simple.

She just ignored me and let me find my answer on Google.

You see, it was just one of these days where I asked myself (again) what has become of a certain person.

In this case my mind went back in time to the girl that grabbed the attention of every straight guy I knew back in 1988. Just for the record: I was one of them. Overnight she became the symbol of the ultimate femme fatal, at least in my surroundings. A girl that seemed to be the manifestation of the wise old advice: be afraid of what you wish for (or something like that).

So, what is Donna Bottman doing today? Did she became a movie star? A singer? I guess we can agree on a ‘no’ here, otherwise we would have heard more of her after her performance in the mentioned music video.

Donna is sales manager at the Hilton Ponce Golf & Casino Resort in Puerto Rico and she is still a beautiful woman.

It’s like I attracted the circumstances today. While I began writing this post I found this special alternative version of Domino Dancing. It sounds very alternative and it seems that there is a lot more Donna in it than in the original version. Enjoy:

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