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Lately it is a kind of a addiction for me to start stumbling with stumble-upon before I finally decide to go to bed. It’s like allowing myself a break of entertainment to finish the day.

Last week I stumbled over this post: The Bizarre Zoo In Argentina

After looking at all this pictures and reading some of the comments, some questions were rising in my head:

  1. Is this real? If you know, please let me know. I’m very curious.
  2. If not, is it just photo-shopped? OK, the medium sized lion on the car roof seems not be pasted into the photo. The second and the third with the big male lions looking pretty real as well, but I know that it’s possible that the girl and the guy are pasted into the picture. It would take some effort and very fine work to trick this, but it’s not impossible. When I look at the fourth picture, the two guys with the tiger, I see on the edges that it would not be that tricky to make one out of two photos, but the fifth with the guy behind the tiger, looks real. Especially if you look at the whiskers of this cat.
    I could go on for every photo, but see it for yourself here if you haven’t done so already.
  3. Assuming that this is real, the question rises if this people are mad. As one of the commenter (completely right i.m.o.) says: Anyone who has had a pet cat knows that they will occasionally flip out and run around clawing at things/people. Imagine that but a hundred times bigger. In my experience being around big carnivores can be great, but just bear in mind that they can snuff a human without half trying, and they can do it faster than you can react.
    I can’t imagine that this people are not aware of the danger they are in. It’s really just a fraction of a second that a cat like that has ripped you apart. I remember a incident in a German zoo where a girl lost her arm whilst trying to pet a bear. It was just one hit with the bears claw and the arm was ripped of.

Do you think this is responsible? Personally I get the creeps when I see this nice woman sitting on the ass of the big lion. Sitting on my lap would be much safer, but that’s something else of course. Maybe you want to join the discussion at the original post or leave your opinion here. I would appreciate to read what you think about this.

Have a nice day!

P.S.: If you plan to go to the zoo I’m glad you keep it save.

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2 thoughts on “Bizarre Zoo

  • Tanya

    Hi Mario, how are you? In fact… it’s for real!! Seriously!! I was there a couple of years ago… it’s awesome!! U’d love being there!!


  • Mario Post author

    Hi Tanya, great to hear that. I’m glad they didn’t hurt you, my dear! Maybe we can go there together some day. But maybe we could start then with hugging less dangerous animals like guinea pigs.

    Oh yes, I’m doing fine and hope you do also. I wish you a wonderful week ahead!