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In the first place I wanted to add Bill Wolfrum’s article Jesus Christ returns to Earth – punches Pope in face, leaves again in my upcoming list of favorites of the week, but I feel this topic deserves a little more attention. In this and other articles Bill describes undeniable facts about the damage this Pope Benedict XVI is causing.

To make my point clear, I truly believe that everybody should believe in whatever he or she is comfortable with. I also believe that everyone who feels comfortable not to believe in the things described in whatever religion, has the right to do so as well.

I think this is a pretty tolerant point of view, if you think otherwise, skip this article. I met people who’s tolerance did not get that far when it came to not believing in the things they believe(d) in. If this is you, good bye for now, see you soon for reading an other article. Besides this: it’s a very long one.

Being an atheist

If you didn’t followed my advice not to read on, you guess it right that I’m an atheist. I feel comfortable with this, isn’t that nice? Oh yes, I’m glad that you feel comfortable as well, whether you’re an atheist too or a strong believer of your religion. Before I come back to this pope guy, here’s some background information:

When I was a young boy, the teachers at my school were implementing a thing called religion in our heads. To make us better people they frightened us by telling us over and over again that even our thoughts weren’t free. God could read our thoughts and if we would think anything what doesn’t suit him, he would punish us and the gate to heaven would stay locked once we died.

As a child I was convinced that teachers knew everything and that they were always right. You’re right, frightened people are easier to control. Of course I tried things out back then. So when it came to the weekly torture to go to church with the school, I sat there and thought thoughts that God wouldn’t appreciate. Of course I was afraid that the teachers were right and I had to go to hell after doing this, so I apologized immediately after that and added (in my mind) that I just wanted to test how much I dare thinking by myself. After all, it could have it’s benefits in life.

In 1973 my cousin (age 9), the daughter of my aunt, played in a sandbox. She fell with her head on the rim of the sandbox and died a week later. I missed her terrible. We often sang together, even songs from church. We went fishing without catching any fish and made marionettes to play with. You understand that this was a very shocking experience for me (age 7 back then). This was my first experience with death and I didn’t really understood that whole death thing. OK, I saw people dying in movies, but this was something else. When my cousin, the son of my aunt, told me that I would never ever see her again, in my entire life, I realized how bad this was.

Of course I came over it, though this had nothing to do with any God or book that teachers still tried to make me believe in. I doubted it at least. Six years later on April 1th 1979 my cousin (age 19), the son of my aunt, died in a car crash. The pastor of the village came over every day to support the family. I was 12 years old by the way. We had some interesting conversations and I felt a kind of a friendship with him and his colleague from church. I told him that I don’t believe anymore in this God that he was talking about.He and his mate were the only person from church who didn’t try to convince me and my brother otherwise.

I asked him if it was impossible to be a good person without that religion stuff. This was very interesting for me, because I felt that I wasn’t in need of a boss that made me a good person. I don’t know exactly what his answer was anymore, but I do know that he did not try to frighten me with another boring heavens gate story and that I wouldn’t get a ticket to join the final party. In the end the pastor and his mate (this was a kind of a pastor too) taught my brother, my cousin (the youngest daughter of my aunt) and me how to play chess and they came over for short tournaments when we were visiting my aunt. This friendship lasted for years and my brother and me ended up playing in a chess club and winning and losing on real tournaments. For your information: my brother is still a passionate chess player today. He even won a party against me blind, what means that he didn’t saw the board but just noted the moves in his imagination.

You can’t insult any god

In the meantime I know that you can be a good person without having a God to pray to. We could even start a never ending discussion if things like good or bad exist. In my opinion everything lays in the eyes of the beholder. Things I consider good, you may consider bad and vice versa.

In my opinion it is even insane to think that someone is able to insult God. Whatever being or higher power you have in mind by thinking of whatever God you admire or deny. It’s just impossible to insult it or him or her! Wouldn’t it be the top of being arrogant to think that you can do that? If this being or higher power has created the world with all it’s planets and beings, how could possibly one human being be able to insult it or make it feel bad? In the big picture, and here you see the importance of putting things into a proper perspective, your thoughts are less than a fart in the universe, if at all. Before you feel offended, my thoughts are a fart in the universe too.

Think about an ant in your backyard. If this ant would run to his mates and telling them what a fucking asshole you are, would you feel insulted if you knew about it? Would you run depressed through your house mourning that you’ve just been insulted by an ant? Would you even consider killing that ant? If so, you need medication. Go see a doctor.

I told you that this post is long in the beginning. Thus if you still with me, you may want to get a cup of coffee or thee right now. When you come back you can fast and easy subscribe to my RSS-feed before reading any further. It doesn’t hurt to have this blog in your reader.

Leaving the institution

Even though I just went to church on occasions like funerals and weddings, I kept my membership at the Catholic Church. Since I lived in Germany I had to pay taxes to the church. I don’t know how this is handled in other countries, but here in the Netherlands nobody has to pay taxes to be a member of a religion. Anyway, in Germany people pay for it. In the middle of the ‘90th I was considering to cancel my membership and made the final decision after watching a documentary on TV about some weird facts around the Vatican.

Suddenly I realized that my money was used to pay bribes to parents of children who were molested by pastors ($600 million a year). Just to keep their mouth shut and the robes clean. Oh yes, in one way or the other I felt that my money could also be used in the conflict they have in Ireland, that I by the way don’t understand and don’t discuss here. Read my article Shut The Bleep Up Until… to understand why I shut up at this point. One thing was for sure, I didn’t want that somebody bought weapons from my money to harm or kill other people. I went to the city hall and unsubscripted from the church. The guy behind the counter asked me why and as I thought that it wasn’t his business I told him that paying taxes for the the church is like buying a ticket for the cinema without the intention to ever go inside to watch a movie. When he started to tell me that it wasn’t just about visiting the church, I finally told him to shut up and do his fucking job.

For the first time, after five or six years I lived in this city, I had a message from the pastor in my letterbox. Just a couple of days later. He wanted to talk to me and about the taxes I didn’t had to pay anymore. To avoid his visit I called him immediately and told him to stay away.

The new Pope

I’m tired of the fact that Germans always have to be careful what they say or do. No matter what, they always have to bare in mind their responsibilities due to the past. I don’t agree with this and it would go to far to discuss this here.

Nonetheless, I think that a pope who is from Germany, isn’t doing a good job when he embraces a Holocaust denying bishop. Alas, there are so many people following this dickhead blindly. It wouldn’t surprise me if there are a lot of this now grown up children amongst them, who sat with me in the church and getting brainwashed. He keeps telling people what God and/or Jesus had meant with this and that. And he’s not the only one. There are followers who tell others what God or Jesus had meant.

Let’s face it, many people don’t always understand what they are meant by themselves with some things they said or wrote down. I’m not a exception at this point. How can they for heaven sake tell you what God or his son had meant?

I once saw a video on Youtube where a gay guy was reading the weekly threat letters he found in his e-mail inbox and in his real life letterbox. One of them was sent by a good straight Christian: ‘I would like to kill you with a chainsaw. Even Jesus would spit in your face.’

Hallelujah, if this is a good person I feel much better now that I canceled my membership to this community. To the writer of this message I want to say: “Don’t bother what other people doing with their privates. Do something with your own dick and get a life.”
Gosh, why is it so difficult to be tolerant. Just because I don’t like things that others like, I don’t have to harm or threaten them. Right?

Another worse thing is that in the name of the pope (not God or Jesus) the Roman Catholic Church is, like Bill Wolfrum states in this article, increasing the problem of AIDS by telling people not to use condoms. I totally agree with Bill, though this is not an invention of the new pope. He is just continuing this insanety.

I never really followed the news around popes, but this one has definitively grabbed my attention. And this is an achievement as I’m an atheist. I can recommend the blog of William K. Wolfrum for further readings if you like the satirical approach of world news.

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Bless you,

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7 thoughts on “Worst Pope Ever!

  • Ilaria/Swimturtle

    This is one of your best articles ever! I am so sorry about your young cousins. I loved the story about the pastor who taught you to play chess and the one about your brother beating you without seeing the board, that was brilliant! I too am an atheist and I prefer it that way. I feel very comfortable not believing in god and I think it helps me feel more responsible for my life. That doesn’t mean I don’t have a spiritual side. And I certainly don’t believe in institutionalized religion. Charities are one thing, but they don’t have to be religiously based. Keep up the good work.

  • Kelly Chase

    I really enjoyed your writing. I am a christian and I just want to say I’m so sorry that you’ve had such negative experiences concerning the church. I think so many of us are taught things “in the name of God” that simply have nothing to do with Him. I was raised catholic too, and I didn’t even know that Easter was a celebration of the resurrectin until I was 14 years old. People have free will. People can say whatever they want about anything. It doesn’t mean it’s true. I love the Lord and I know the Lord loves us all and would not have any of his children lost. That being said, I believe that all organized religion is nothing more than the reflection of man’s perverted understanding of the truth.When you factor in politics, greed and the struggle for power, you have the formula for evil. Man’s beliefs cannot negate the truth nor can his actions. Regardless of what I say or do, the truth is just that. The truth. And that fella who sent the letter to the gay person is in no way a good christian and Jesus wouldn’t have spit on either of them. I hope you don’t mind me saying God bless.

    • Mario Post author

      Thank you for reading this, Kelly.

      Of course I don’t mind if you say God bless. I appreciate your tolerant approach.

      When I watch the news and all this weird things in the world I have to think on a the statement Tom Hulce made in his role as Eugene in the movie ‘Dominique and Eugene’ (co-starring Ray Liotta and Jamie Lee Curtis).

      In this scene he stares at the crucifix in the church with the Jesus figure nailed on and says to the pastor: “If I were God, I wouldn’t do this to my children.”

      • kelly chase

        Mario! You’ve hit the nail on the head. *pun intended* God doesn’t do things to us. We all have free will. Everyone has the freedom to make choices and unfortunately there are some bad people in the world that make bad or even evil choices that in turn affect others. I promise, I’ll be done preaching to you. I’m clearly not an evangelist but I wanted to tell you that what the enemy has intended for our destruction, God can use for our instruction. I get so sad when people blame God for the bad things that happen. I even get tired of people blaming the devil. We all do what we do and the repercussions can be mind boggling, creating a ripple effect that we may never even realize. That’s why it is so important that we seek the truth and do and say good things, always. Just think of those ripples moving through the world. Peace, Mario. You rock!

        • Mario Post author

          I’ll try to do that all of the time. I mean being positive, motivating others.

          Sometimes I fantasize that a hard voice shouts: ‘What the fuck are you doing?’ and that at this very moment everybody freezes in what he is doing, looks back over his/her shoulder to see where it came from. Then after a view seconds of wondering starts to think on the things that are really matter and that the world can be so wonderful.

          Good night and thank you for the comments!

  • ZuzannaM

    Hi Mario,

    I could never understand the man made doctrine-when comes to Pope as a head of the church. The reason I say this because I believe that people shall get to know the Bible,
    oldest World book and read about God. If one desires to be spiritual, they find God scriptures in that book. To me having religious leaders that are not suitable on such position it makes more harm then good. One more thing, it is the worst for any country to have the church mixing with politics. That is wrong to me too, you have made a strong points in your post. It is up to the reader to decide what will be best for them.
    I leave it as is, because religion is a broad subject and one can go on this forever.

    Thank you,

    • Mario Post author

      Hi Zuzanna,

      I agree totally that we should separate church/religions and politics.

      When I together with my brother were looking for a tombstone for the grave of our mother the guy who got our order to craft it asked us in what position and size we would like to have the cross on it.

      It seemed to be an unusual situation for him when we told him that we didn’t want a symbol on our mothers grave that stands for something we don’t believe in. Nor did our mom. We decided to fill that place with a bronze rose. As far as something like a grave can look good, her grave does.

      Thank you very much for taking the time reading this and commenting.