Then And Now: Nikka Costa – On My Own 2

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It’s Sunday, people. Time for relaxation after a party. Sometimes it feels like Sundays are made for memories. Do you have that too? Your mind is drifting away into the past. A year ago? Five years ago?

I don’t know about your mind but mine drifted back 29 years ago (do I get old?). I had to think about a song that had cost many starting artists their careers in those talent searching TV-shows like Idols or X-Factor. You know what I mean: there is a pretty talented singer and to make a good impression on the jury they think Hey, when I sing On My Own and do it good they will be in tears and nearly beg me for coming back.

A good thought indeed, but there is just one way to sing this song: perfect! Make no mistake about this. Just good isn’t good enough when it comes to this song. Beware for empty beer bottles at your gig if you don’t do it perfect. As easy as this song may sounds, it isn’t. I saw some of this shows where they began singing this song and they where good, but at some point they sounded like they where on a casting for the movie Chicken Run.

So when my mind was drifting back in time and I had seen come along all this shows were the singers where asked by the jury Why for Christ sake did you chose this one as your first song? I landed in the year 1980.

Back then I bought one of the vinyl records (they seem to have a rebirth nowadays). It was On My Own, sung by a child, the Italian girl Nikka Costa. She sung it, right, perfect!

Do you recognize this too? You think on people from a long time ago and you ask yourself: what are they doing now? So did I and I looked it up.

What I found was pretty nice. I found two videos of Nikka Costa singing this song. One in 1980 and the other in 2008 (28 years later).

Here is the version of 1980 that will not appear in your feed-reader. I’ve chosen the one with the big audience:

The 2008 version is from a Italian TV-show and I guess that my friends Ilaria and Ippolita understand much better than me what the host and Nikka Costa are saying, as I don’t speek Italian:

You heard it, she can still sing and by the way she has beautiful eyes.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I wish you a great week ahead and see you back here faster than I think, hopefully.

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  • Tanya

    Hi Mario, how are you? I know I’ve been hidden in the last days… I’m facing lots of personal problems I can’t handle so well… I’m trying to come back gradually… I miss you sweet friend!! U’re always in a special place of my heart! U know it!