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Although my blog has nothing to do with Internet Marketing and is not about teaching others how to earn money on the Internet, I want to shine my light (I don’t know if this is an English expression, as usual) on a marketer from the old school.

Perry Marshall is turning 40 (unbelievable that he is not much older than me) on April 10th. As I learned many useful things from him druing the last two years, I want to make use of this moment and congratulate him.

What I think makes Perry special, compared to the so called gurus, describes itself in his following statement:

If I wanted to make a bunch of money I’d just shamelessly pander to this trend, and tell everyone how easy it is to make money online. Those of you who know me know, it ain’t so simple. I’ve been burned before, so my caution lights go on. I want people to know what they’re getting into.

He is not a marketer who teaches you how to earn on-line by teaching others how to earn on-line. Duh! No, he helps business owners who are willing to take the first or the next step forward. His advice is not just for people who are dealing in digital products or services. Every business that plans to or is using Google AdWords takes it advantage with his material. And it’s not just AdWords. He also teaches people how to write white-papers, sales copy and most of all how to research markets before jumping into the depth without a life west.

The first thing that took my attention was (and it still amazes me after 2 years) is that his free stuff is much better than the hyped guru stuff that is sold for a couple of hundred bucks elsewhere. The e-mails I receive ever have a certain value. As I know that he only writes one when he has something to tell, I never thought about changing my subscription to his list.

Before I bought his guide to Google AdWords, I was thinking:  Why should I buy a book to a program that has such a large and detailed manual online. After a couple of weeks I decided finally to try it out. The reason was a simple question that just lately hit one of his web-pages in a slightly different form: Who was the better pianist? Mozart or the guy who invented the piano and wrote the manual how to use it? So I bought his book on Google AdWords and wasn’t disappointed. After a short time I measured the results and compared them with the results I had before. I was amazed and now I knew that it works and I can recommend his stuff to a friend without any hesitation. For a befriend Belgian tire salesman I brought the things I learned from Perry into action as well. My loan was a set of tires for the Jaguar XJ40 I owned back then. You can imagine that these tires were more expensive than the Definitive Guide to Google AdWords.

His books on Google AdWords are the most successful (hard copy and eBook versions) on this topic worldwide. He has helped over 100,000 Google Advertisers save billions of dollars in Adwords stupidity tax. He is referenced across the Internet and by The Washington Post, USA Today, and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Perry Marshall would not be a marketer at all if he would not make use of his 40th birthday to do something special and to promote his products for special prices during the first 10 days of April. I know that there are a few people under my readers who have their own businesses. Be it on-line or off-line, all I can add here is: grab your chance.

You can probably imagine that I struggled a little with writing this post. You know, I didn’t want it to sound like a sales-letter. I don’t know if I reached this goal. Honestly, I have a certain doubt about that. The problem is: how could I possibly write about Perry Marshall without telling what he is doing. But as Perry Marshall is a special person in this world of marketers and this blog is all about people, I think it has it’s place here. On the other hand I am an affiliate. Wouldn’t it be stupid not to combine the one with the other? (FYI: I promote his products only on Google).

Again, this blog is not about Internet marketing and will not be about it in the future. I promise!

However, from here: happy birthday, Perry!

Thank you all for reading this!

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One thought on “Happy Birthday, Perry!

  • Ilaria/Swimturtle

    Hi Mario, this is a lovely tribute and I have to say that Perry is special. I too receive his newsletter and it is often very interesting. Though I prefer to leave the AdWords part of our business to you, I can truly see the benefits of following Perry’s advice and I like the point you make that he teaches people how to benefit from AdWords and internet marketing by DOING it rather than teaching other people how to do it. That is the most important thing.