What If You Go Off-line… Forever? 1

It’s a little bit funny. Last december I was intruiged by this post on Brandice.net, where Brandice wrote about a post she found on a blog by somebody else. She was pondering about it.  You see the chain reaction? However, I was pondering as well and please don’t ask me why I didn’t wrote this post earlier.

Have you ever thought about what effect it will have when you go off-line forever? I mean, when you die and you don’t have a chance to say goodbye to everybody? I did and the outcome is a little disturbing.

Imagine I will be hit by a truck before I even have the chance to publish this post? So, while you reading this, you know that I am alive and well. At least that I was alive and well until I’ve hit the publish button.

What would happen with your life on the Internet if you die suddenly? OK, this would probably be not your first concern when the truck is coming your way, but as you now sit alive and well in front of your computer, you maybe share my thoughts. What would you be afraid of? I wouldn’t feel very comfortable when I imagine that people where I have very nice contacts with would think that I don’t like them anymore. That I suddenly turned into an asshole that don’t reacts on their messages. Not to imagine the people that would be left behind without knowing. Without any trace and no clue what happened.

Did you ever thought about this? Can you imagine that there are people out there having a file on their computer with a clear instruction who to contact in the case of their death? What would you do? I’m very curious about that.

Of course it would be a little creepy (like the picture above) to write a kind of a users manual. It would be a kind of a testament. For the case that it ever happens, please know that I don’t react on your message anymore because I turned into an asshole.

Although this creepy thought I wish you a very nice weekend ahead.
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One thought on “What If You Go Off-line… Forever?

  • Ilaria/Swimturtle

    Mario, this is a scary post with a VERY SCARY photo! Now I am not afraid of your death. I am more afraid that you will turn into a flesh-eating zombie! Please don’t do that.
    As for me, I am still trying to find the time to get around to rewriting my paper will. I did write one will once, but it’s outdated now that my life circumstances have changed. I use myvidoop to store all my passwords online. I guess I could leave a note with my password to myvidoop and from there they could find all my passwords to all my other sites.
    If I stop responding to your messages, I am not an asshole, I am dead. xoxo