My 5 Favorites Of This Week (2)

Again there were some funny and intersting things I found in my nightly journey this week. So before I go into the weekend (birthday party tonight) I want to share them with my dear readers. Enjoy the short list!

  • Did you ever dreamed of ski jumping like they do on New-years Eve in Garmisch Partenkirschen (or however this is spelled)? On this toilet you have the chance to feel for a moment like a pro. This picture is totally awesome and every toilet joke falls into nothingness when you see this.
  • The following shows how important it is to see things from out perspective. Literally in this case. This 15 year old teenager is just 1 feet and 1 inch tall and weight 11 lb. See the pictures with her and her class mates. She’s a happy young lady. So if you think about unnecessary limitations of yours, come back and watch them again.
  • It’s all about the money lately. Did you ever had this nightmare experience that the cash machine is eating your card and gives you no money? Or anything similar? Even worse, what would you do if you are at an ATM to put cash on your bank account and after you feed the machine it jumps on an error message? See what this Chinese man did when it happened to him.
  • No favorite list without an animal. I bet you will enjoy this little turtle. As last week I don’t have to add to much words, you understand immediatley why I chose this picture as a favorite.
  • If you are struggling with your time as a freelancer, you will love this article. It’s written by a person who works as a freelancer her (almost) entire life and the tips given are very helpful. I read this article a couple of times over. This is what I call advice from one who has been there.

I’m sure you like this list of favorites also:

My 4 favorites of the week (1)

Have a nice weekend!

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