My 4 Favorites Of This Week 4

This week I came across some interesting things I like to share with you. Here’s my list and the explanation why they caught my attention and landed in my favorites.

  • The first one is a short animated video called MY DARLING (seemingly out of the series Tales Of Mere Existence) by Levni Yilmaz.
    The story/situation is very recognizable for the most of us. If not, it’s just me. Anyway, this is the first reason why I like this. The second reason is the voice of the narrator. It’s kind of sad and he doesn’t seem to breath whilst speeking. It seems to be just one long flowing sentence. Watch it and let me know what you think.
  • The second one is in fact a video I laugh about since a couple of weeks. It’s from the Onion News Network. It’s so amazing to see how they can produce such a video and staying so serious whilst telling about Sony new stupied piece of shit that doesn’t fucking work how it’s fucking supposed to. It’s just hilarious. I don’t know exactly why I have to think on my friend Jason when I see it, but I guess it’s the dry kind of humor.
  • Jeff from My Super Charged Life, shares in this post his experience with living on a budget, what is very enlightening. He discovers that $100 dollar can be a whole bunch of money. He explains why shopping is not entertaining, that things can be fixed easily and how a true deal can be really exciting. He has a very entertaining style. Maybe you like it, so give it a shot.
  • The fourth one is this squirrel mother that safes his baby for a attacking/playing dog by attacking the dog. Take a look at the pictures and I don’t have to explain why I like it.

See you very soon!

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