Dog Attack(ed) 3

Wednesday Spikey has been attacked by a big dog that broke through the fence, when he just was walking allong the backyards in the neighborhood at Simone’s place. Even when Simone took Spikey in her arms, the dog kept attacking Spikey.

Together with the owner of the much to agressive and annoying dog she drove to the vet, where Spikey had to be sewed and kept under narcoses for several hours. The vet said that it was pure luck that Spikey survived this attack. The deep wound was one millimeter from a vital vain.

I was very upset and angry about her neighbor and of course shocked when she called me in tears. Though she told me that Spikey may not walk around the neighborhood without a leash and she thinks it was her fault as well (she is sharing the vets cost with the owner of the other dog) because she had let him walk without a leash, I think that there is no way to blame her. It’s not because Simone is my girlfriend, but because I see it objective:

  • Spikey would have been attacked by this beast even if he would have walked on the leash. The fact that the other dog kept attacking when Simone had Spikey in her arms proofs this. Thank god, she hasn’t been bitten.
  • If the neighbor has to compensate something by keeping two large aggressive dogs in a small house, it’s his choice. However, he has to make sure that the dogs cannot escape out of his fucking backyard. In the same way the dog could have attacked (and maybe killed) a small child (there are many in this neighborhood) instead of Spikey.

I would have call the cops and claimed the complete vets cost instead of sharing.

Am I the crazy one here? What do you think?

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3 thoughts on “Dog Attack(ed)

  • Swimturtle

    You are definitely not the crazy one! You are right that Spikey would have been attacked even on a leash. The leash is no magic wand that makes aggressive dogs not attack. And the owner was an asshole not to offer immediately to pay the entire vet bill. Perhaps Simone should report him to the animal protection people.
    Good luck and many good wishes to Spikey and Simone!

  • Tanya

    I agree with u, Mario. Totally!! The agressive animal’s owners MUST to be responsible for their acts and MUST keep them safe, far from the streets and public places.
    I’m so sorry for Spikey, hope he’s getting better!


    • Mario Post author

      He has to wear a kind of a jacket, what suites him by the way, so he can’t scratch the wound. Yesterday he was very tired and without energy, but today he barked again. A good sign I hope.