Mourning Elephants 2

Since long I am able to write another article in my animal category. Alas, it’s a sad one and I’m a little bit behind the news, but I wasn’t able to go to the zoo in Emmen (Netherlands) to make footage myself.

For those who missed it: Annabel, a 45 year old elephant of the zoo, fell into a dry moat when two other elephants were playing. She couldn’t come out of the moat by herself , so the zoo staff tried different times to help. In the end they had to bring in a crane to lift her out. When every attempt to get her back on her feet failed (Annabel was in shock), the veterinarians and the zoo staff decided with pain in their hearts to put her to sleep. In an autopsy a couple of days later they found out that her neck was broken.

A day later a heartwarming scenario took place at the spot of the moat where the accident happened. The other elephants gathered together and were looking for the dear old lady. Here’s a video where you can see and hear them mourning:

Rest in peace, Annabel!


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