A Grateful Goodbye – What Are You Grateful For? 14

The yellow streetlights were reflecting on the gleaming bonnet when I drove home in my ’91 Jaguar XJ40 Sovereign last Wednesday night. As always in the last three and a half year I enjoyed the relaxed ride and find it kind of romantic driving at night. The majestic elegance of my cat that never left me stranded. Not one single time. It was the last ride and I’m sure that it sounds ridiculous for the most of you, but when I drove him into the garage I padded the dashboard and whispered ‘Thank you’ to this 18 year old lady, before I stepped out.

I’m really grateful for the time I owned this British cat. Grateful to the engineers and designers who invented and constructed this (in my opinion) automotive piece of art.

It took month to make the decision to sell this car. In one way or the other I felt a bond with it. Childish, I know, but hey, isn’t it nice to discover that you haven’t lost all of the inner child after growing up? A note on the wall at a friends place says: ‘We don’t stop playing because we grow old but we grow old because we stop playing.’ I really like this one.

When I came home I took a booze before going to sleep and my thoughts were wandering away. This is not just about a car, this is about much more. The more I was thinking, the more I was discovering how grateful I am for certain things in my life. Even the bad ones that turned out good many years later.

When I was in my twenties I would have mourned about letting go. No matter if it was a relationship or something material like a car. It’s very important to me that I made this shift in my mindset and have now the ability of letting go. Most important: it makes everything so much more bearable.

Nowadays I am very grateful for long lost loves instead of being sad that they were over at some point. I’m glad that I’ve had the privilege of having them and that I learned from them, even when it was the hard way sometimes.

OK, I know that sounds like a cliché and I can’t say you are wrong when you thing that it’s easier said than done. But once you reach the level of letting go you will have this freeing feeling. Believe me, even if I’m not a scientist. When you change the way you think, you automatically change the way you feel.

Especially in times like this, where so many people all over the world are going through, I think it is important to stop for a moment and think about the things you are grateful for.

What are you grateful for? If you like I want to encourage you to share it by leaving a comment.

I make a start, thus here are some things I enjoy every day (beware for some clichés).

I’m grateful for…

  • …the fact that I am not disabled in any way. That I can see through my eyes for example, even if it’s not what I want to see when I turn on the news on my television.
  • …the fact that there is not a single day I don’t laugh with my girlfriend Simone, Spikey her cute dog and with my sister Ilaria.
  • …that my brother Chris is doing fine after having gone through a ruff time.
  • …enjoying my old Jaguar for a couple of years, even after a fucking moron had ripped of the leaper of the hood. (I’m willing to put it up his ass if I catch him, btw).
  • …enjoying a much smaller car now, that bewares me for giving a huge amount of money every month to the taxes and to the oil companies.
  • …every single reader of this blog. It’s so surprising to me that there are visitors coming back on a regular basis and enduring my limited English skills. It’s so great not to writing for my own in a kind of a void here.
  • …that everything we are going through now will be OK in the end. We just have to keep our faith.
  • …you just took the time to read this post.

I’m looking forward to read and react on what you are grateful for.


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14 thoughts on “A Grateful Goodbye – What Are You Grateful For?

  • Ilaria/Swimturtle

    Here are some of the things I am grateful for:
    – Friends and family: my children, my sister, mother and grandmother, and my new brother Mario (whom I love very much and who makes me laugh),
    – my health,
    – the internet community I am building,
    – the very old friends I am finding online and connecting with again after many years,
    – the fact that with my sister’s help I am able to pursue the dream of creating my own business doing something I love,
    – having found not only a friend in Mario across the ocean, but a new brother and the best business partner a person could ever desire!

    • Mario Post author

      Thank you for sharing and of course for the compliments. I’m blushing right now. Isn’t it great to have supporting friends and family all over the world. Focusing on this we’ll make the world a better place.

  • Christy (MagdaChristy)

    I am grateful for SO much in my life:
    -growing up with two supportive and encouraging parents
    -finding my best friend in my sister
    -my health
    -raindrops, sunshine, green blades of grass, and cool breezes
    -discovering so many new friends and experiences with all my twitmos, from experiencing nanowrimo together, to going to san franscisco, to people visiting during last year’s kick off, to falling in love.
    -I am so, so, so grateful to finally have found the other half of my heart, even if he lives hundreds of miles away
    -all the technology, and my ability to use said technology (including phones, texts, internet and airplanes) to communicate and bond with my love, Doug, and with ALL my long distance friends
    -most importantly, I am grateful for such a bright future to look foward to. I know that I have so much amazingness that I will experience in my life – from going to grad school, to traveling, to meeting new and old friends all over the world. I can’t wait for it all, and I’m so grateful that I have so much to look forward to :)

    • Mario Post author

      Great to hear from you MagdaChristy,

      You are very lucky to have supporting and encouraging friends and family. Sad enough not everybody has this advantage. Those who have often don’t recognize the worth of it. I very appreciate that you do.

      I am by the way grateful for having you as my NaNoVidmo-fellow. I’ll never forget the fun we had during the 2007-event.

      Thanks for your positivity! We need a lot of it these days.

  • Ulrich

    There are many things I am grateful for. One of the most important things is music.
    Why music? Music gives me the power to keep on working and it gives me the power to start new things.

  • shea

    Man, that sure was a good looking car. I can see why you mourn it.
    It’s same here, although it will take years, but all the classy cars, suv’s, etc, are going the wayside. Only the old mercedes disiels and such that can be ran off of m any different cheaper fuels, will make it. I always wanted a hummer. Beautiful, and very safe, but, the future of travel only seems to hold tin can cars that are sardine can like, which get better mileage, It’s a shame really. There’s more than enough oil in the world, but it’s all politics. The U.S. has tons of oil, but mostly on govt lands, which in the name of the environment, although I want a good environment, but we’ve got area’s bigger than many countries, for wild life, by the way, which has 90 percent of the minerals and oil, that is used for our govt debt, as a backer, much like say you take out a loan, and in case you can’t pay, you use something valuable you have as collatoral, hence the US national debt. The oil alone that is deemed extractable by todays technology is worth many trillions. In fact, new scientific discoveries, are turning upside down the theory that oil is a fossil fuel, but instead made by chemical reactions in the earth, amazing. The earth is actually, starting to cool, instead of warm, although, I’d like to see less coal because of the mercury polution. Maybe more co2 makes it cooler, like Mars. Interesting to me is that only about half of the scientists in the world believe in the global warming theory. I’ve done a lot of research or reading, and come to these conclusions. I want a greener, cleaner, planet, but at the same time realize that most of the world’s problems are a power struggle, political, money, etc. In fact, we could all drive around hydrogen cars, fueled by water. Have desalination plants, plenty of water, in the world oceans, transport this, same as oil, technology exists, and another interesting thing is why does everyone say that natural gas is a nonrenewable resource, landfills produce it, livestock, especially cows procuce a lot of it, bogs, etc, methane is natural gas, which is also a supposed global warming threatening pollution, it burns clean, why is this pollution not used as a fuel? why is it called a non renewable fossil fuel? evertime I fart, that’s methane or natural gas. Just things I’m thinking of, since seeing all the pictures of your beautiful car. You can actually retrofit any vehicle for a few hundred dollars to run off of natural gas or another fuel. I know a little off subject here, sorry. I am thankful for everything.
    I guess what I’m trying to say is that the world’s problems are power, money, greed, etc, there’s enough resources for everyone on earth, even today, with so many, for everyone to live very comfortable lives, no one go hungry, etc, but yet look at the world, and why do people who claim to love the environment and people, say there are just too many people, etc, when that is not true.
    Mario, oh well, what do you think about it all?
    I enjoy your blog. Beautiful post. Like you, here, although mine aren’t so beautiful, but old vehicles, when I can afford it, I will be getting smaller, less safe, vehicle

    • Ulrich

      Some things I can’t agree with you 100%:
      “In fact, new scientific discoveries, are turning upside down the theory that oil is a fossil fuel, but instead made by chemical reactions in the earth”
      I think this theory is from the 1950’s.

      “The earth is actually, starting to cool, instead of warm”
      We do not have evidence for that. So, how can you say that?

      “In fact, we could all drive around hydrogen cars, fueled by water. Have desalination plants, plenty of water, in the world oceans, transport this, same as oil, technology exists”
      Does this technology really exist? Would be interesting. We should not forget how dependent we are on oil. Everything in our life would not work without oil. It is not only about cars. Clothes, plastic, medicine, etc.

      “why does everyone say that natural gas is a nonrenewable resource, landfills produce it, livestock, especially cows procuce a lot of it”
      I think “a lot” is not enough. We cannot rely 100% on renewable resources with current technology. We need the oil.

    • Mario Post author

      The funny thing here is that small cars more expensive than big ones when you buy one. Of course our government is stimulating it to buy a new small car and gives you a tax deduction, but at the moment everybody is sitting with his ass on his money because of the not very motivating news that hypnotizes people every day. I think it would be a better strategy to also give tax deductions to people when they buy a used small car.

      I like this environment friendly electrical car TESLA, what is at the moment out of reach for me, so I bought a Renault Twingo. Perfect for the little every day rides.

      Thank you very much for enjoying my blog and I’ll do my best to keep it up.

  • Pedro

    I’m grateful for being able to keep my Saab 900 S 16V Classic on the road, inspite of worldcrisis and oilprices. So, Mario, if you ever want to enjoy a ride in an other beautiful classic, let me know ;-) See you wednesday for a beer, or two, or three, or ….

    • Mario Post author

      Make it four, Pedro! I will be there with my Twingo. Maybe it sounds funny, but I really enjoy this little car that seems to come right out of a comic strip.