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Gosh, I love to discover all that creativity around the globe. Today I found a video where the highly talented Emily Wells from Los Angeles performs In The Barrel Of A Gun at a radio station in Salt Lake City. It’s great not just to hear the end result but to have also the opportunity to see how it’s all done. If you just would listen to the song, you probably wouldn’t believe that it’s just one person who is producing all that sound.

First Emily is recording a violin loop. After that is done she begins to sing with a great voice that some people compared with Björk. I don’t totally agree with this, I would rather say that it sounds a little like a Björk who can sing. No hard feelings please, if there are any Björk fans reading this. Anyway, after this she is recording her own background choir and adds a violin solo. All this in one performance without any delay.

I write to much. Just look and listen for yourself. Here’s the video that will not appear in your feed reader:

You can legally download Emily Wells’ music here!

Have fun!

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