Let Me Annoy You… Post Nr. 100! 6

When I logged in to my blog today I discovered that I have to write my 100th post. I don’t want to let this benchmark pass by unnoticed so I decide to give you some data. Maybe this is interesting as this blog is not about blogging. I mean there are so many blogs about blogging that provide you with data about blogging blogs that it’s maybe interesting to see how a blog is doing that is not blogging about blogging.
If you not yet confused, please give me another chance!

First of all I am unbelievable graceful for all the visitors who are still coming to read this blog on a regular basis. Since I began writing this blog in September 2008, the amount of unique visitors, page views and returning visitors (yes, some of you come back!) have doubled each month. I don’t know about you, but for me this means that I am doing something right. Whatever it is. Those of you who know can tell it in the comment section. No, I am not fishing for compliments.

13,1% of the visitors stay longer than an hour. This is amazing to me!

As every blog in the beginning I started with an Alexa rank around the 22.000.000. This is now something around 296.000. Nice, I guess.

There are some subscribers to my RSS-feed and as long as there are not a couple of hundred of them, I don’t put the widget on my blog. So the faster you subscribe, the faster you see the widget.

Do I earn money with this blog?

I’m tremendously rich as this blog is very profitable. Between the posts I drive in my new Lamborghini around my Mansion. When I am done with that I am chilling with MTV and Hustler-babes in my gigantic whirlpool.

Honestly, the last paragraph was a lie. Nonetheless, I am happy and have fun with this blog. Whatever it is that I’m doing good, I’ll try to keep it up.

There are also some annoying things. Where the sun is shining, there are shadows. Sounds like an old Chinese saying, doesn’t it? As there are:

  • Feedburner cancels out all the video’s that are implemented after the more-tag and Google seems not very interested in fixing this.
  • I have no Russian visitors, but Askimet filters out spam comments (472 so far) where the most e-mail addresses seem to be hosted in Russia. Confusing. Anyway, I welcome every Russian visitor who is real and not a robot. Nastrovje! This reminds on a booze-up I had once with a Russian guy in the Mountains of Slovakia.

So, I hope you are not that much annoyed and I look forward to see you back here on Mario Live! Hugs, Mario

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6 thoughts on “Let Me Annoy You… Post Nr. 100!

  • shea

    I really like your blog. I hope that you keep blogging forever!
    I enjoy reading your blog.
    At first, I didn’t like the name of your blog, but now that I have been reading your blog for a little bit now, I think it fits perfectly, and now that too I like.
    That’s a cool t shirt. Where did you get it?
    You changed the top picture to a blue island paradise.
    Also, the painting, behind you, it’d be great if you posted a picture of it where you can see the painting, and tell who the artist is. From what I can see, it’s a pretty cool painting.

    • Mario Post author


      Thank you very much!

      I’ll do my best not to disappoint you and keep blogging. Finding a good name for a blog can be a struggle. I decided to skip that struggling part and just took the first or second name that came up in my mind.

      The top picture is one of 4 random pictures that changes with every visit of a page.

      The shirt is from our fun club called the VTBAM (pronounced: FeeTee-Bamm) what means Vereniging Ter Bevordering Alcohol Misbruik. Translated to English it says Association For The Benefit Of Alcohol Abuse. Please don’t take this to serious, we’re just kidding and don’t drink that much. We come together every Wednesday night. I’m part of it since 1995.

      The picture behind me is actually not a painting but a photograph of me, taken under water when I was diving in Greece 8 years ago.

  • Ulrich

    Hi Mario
    I found your blog via a link in the Amazon Associates forum and since then, I am coming back regularly, because your blog posts are always interesting. I like your blog much more than all those blogs dedicated to moneymaking and blogging ;-)

    • Mario Post author

      Hi Ulrich,

      Thank you for your reaction and your compliment. Sometimes I think my posts are very bad, but that’s the burden you have when you are trying to be too critical with your own work.

      My first thought about blogging before I started doing it myself was that it is pretty useless. Indeed I just saw blogs about blogging. I thought about it in a way of car mechanics talking the whole day about repairing cars instead of repairing them. No car would be repaired at the end of the day.
      Then I saw al those blogs about making money on the Internet. There are some that are pretty useful, but most of them aren’t. How trustworthy is the advice of someone who wants to teach you how to make money on-line, when he or she isn’t even able to afford payed hosting? I don’t have the intention to insult anybody, but I think it’s pretty pathetic. When you browse through the Amazon Associate forum (and you do) then you see a lot of those victims, that listened to these ‘self made gurus’ every single day. It’s a shame. I can’t repeat it often enough: ‘Beware for the so-called Internet millionaires and use your commonsense.’

      I find people more interesting. Whether famous or not. That’s why I try to make a peoples blog out of this one.

  • Ilaria/Swimturtle

    Mario, it’s wonderful that your audience is growing, and so it should. Your blog is so spontaneous and fun. It’s also informative and makes people think about things that matter. I’m very proud of you for reaching 100 posts, and now I have to scramble to keep up with you.
    Lots of love, and keep it up!
    from your American sister :-)