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It’s a historical moment in the short history of this blog. So, before I discuss the typo I’ve probably made in the picture above let me explain why I decided to write a newsletter beside the regular blog posts and what to expect.

I know that some of you think I will, once you subscribed, try to sell you a new washing machine or car insurance every week. And you know what? You’re right. I’m going to sell you all the nasty stuff that’s out there and you don’t need. Don’t want a new car? No matter, I sell it to you anyway.

You don’t believe me? Good, I’m glad about that in this case.

OK, seriously, the reason I decided to add a newsletter to this blog is that I’m passionate about it. I am passionate about life, all kind of people and of course passionate about my readers. Some of you know that I wrote books in the past and that makes me, you guess it right, a writer. A writer without readers is, you’re right again, kind of pitiful. I didn’t know if pathetic would be to harsh, so I didn’t use it here. In Dutch I would have use the Dutch equivalent zielig, whats not harsh. So, what made me a writer then, makes me a writer now: my readers. Oh yes, and of course the stuff that I’m writing.

I can hear some of you ask what will be the difference between a newsletter and a blog post? The answer to this is quite simple: I feel that some blog posts are very personal. I like to go in depth, that is absolutely no problem for me. I don’t have a problem with sharing good and bad times with the world.

But where it’s possible I want to share more with the regular readers of my blog. The best way to do this is via a newsletter. In this way I can share that special little bit more with the returning readers who took the effort to subscribe.

As I think that there a some more questions, I made this little FAQ-list:

Is my e-mail address safe?
Yes, your e-mail will never be abused or something like that. Believe me that I hate spam more than you do. The more visits this blog receives, the more spam comments I can delete out of the spam box every day. You can trust me. If you don’t trust me then this newsletter isn’t for you, alas.

How often do I receive this newsletter, once I subscribed?
The newsletter is (un)regular. I’ll try to write one every two weeks, but if I have nothing to write I can’t imagine that it would have any value for you to read a newsletter that is just written because it has to be. On the other hand, if I have a lot to tell it can be once a week. You see, it depends on it.

What can I expect in this newsletter?
My goal is to provide more in depth-information on some posts and other topics. There will be of course a section with a list of the newest and most populaire articles on the blog and articles that are not available on the blog itself.

Will I be annoyed by a window that appears and ask me to subscribe?
I can’t promise right now that this will not happen, but before you shoot, let me explain: I have to figure this out. I consider a window that appears to remind readers that there is a possibility to subscribe to the newsletter, but it will appear just once in a certain time for a individual visitor and it will not appear to the visitors who arrive on the blog by accident. That means if someone is here for 3 seconds, it will not appear. But as I said, I have to figure this out. If there are complains, please don’t hesitate and use the contact form to do so.

As promised in the begining I come back to the typo in the picture and I need your help here. I think that I had to write an (un)regular newsletter instead of a (un)regular newsletter. What is right in this case a or an? If it was regular, I would’ve said without any hesitation that it has to be a, but as there is the u at the begining of unregular I would tend to use an. I decided to use a becase un stands between (). Please teach me, I like to learn your language!

Thank you very much for your attention and subscription!

Bless you,

P.S.: Please don’t be disappointed when I can’t explain how I made the picture for this post this time. It’s way too complicated and I don’t even remember every step.

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2 thoughts on “Announcement: The Newsletter!

  • Ilaria/Swimturtle

    Because of the parenthesis, (), I think it’s fine to leave “a.” I understand your doubt, and I admit that I would have been similarly undecided. So you see, you are approaching Grand Master levels of English. And the mere fact that you think about these things endears you to me even more!
    Hugs and kisses. xoxoxo